Saturday, March 2, 2013

Repubs, Banana Peels & The Liberal Media

Before Republicans can ever hope to experience a resurgence in popularity they're going to have to do two things; avoid the banana peels and declare all out war on the liberal media.

During the last election campaign the Dems won the "war on women" thanks to banana peels like Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin who declared the impossibility of a woman becoming pregnant from rape because the woman's body will automatically shutdown and reject a rapist's semen.  Similar idiocy was uttered by that Senate candidate in Ohio, who had the victory locked up before he chose to dispense advice on rape and abortion.

Instead of a strong consistent message that simply offered the idea that taxpayers should not be asked to pay for morning after abortions, or multiple abortions by hyper-sexually active women who use murder as a form of birth control, we had the banana peels of ignorant dunces dispensing medical advice.  Instead of ginning up those U-Tube videos of the Black Welfare queen with 15 children proclaiming that this country owed her the money to support those 15 fatherless children, we had the Dems trotting out an upper middle class Ivy League graduate law student who said the government should pay for her  birth control pills.

Instead of citing hard facts on IRS incentives for reckless breeding, and welfare incentives for male abandonment of their off spring, we had Republicans throwing seniors and veterans into the same pot as career welfare queens and food stamp "gamers"into that 47% of "takers".

While illegal immigration was a banana peel not of their own making, (illegal is illegal and needs to be said) but Republicans could have done a far better job of highlighting the accompanying problems associated with illegal immigration.  I did not once hear the Health and Human Services statistic that showed fully 75% of illegal aliens were receiving some form of federal support.  I did not once hear what the base line of education costs would be were we not having to fund separate education programs for children who cannot speak English, nor the hundreds of billions of dollars spent by state and federal programs to build hundreds of schools just to accommodate the millions of illegal, non-tax paying illegal population.  I did not once hear the percentage of illegal aliens currently residing in our state and federal prisons.  So, in one fell swoop, Obama won the Hispanic vote simply by saying Republicans want to build moats full of alligators along our southern border.

Yes, the Republicans must avoid the banana peels by forming a first line of defense against liberal pit bulls like Reid and Pelosi and Wasserman Schultz.  Republicans have got to learn to put their most articulate spokes people out front if they ever hope to win the political debate.

Secondly, Republicans simply must declare war on the mainstream media.  A good first step is for them to boycott those Sunday morning news shows.  To win audiences the liberal media thrive on juicy spittle strewn debates between conservatives and liberals on Sunday morning and the "lame-stream" media seems to always pack their discussion panels with liberals so that, when the liberal host has finished skewering a conservative, the liberal minions are left to smirk in post coital pleasure.

Not once during the last campaign did I see a Republican campaign ad that regurgitated some liberal news broadcast that totally failed to hold Obama's feet to the fire on Benghazi or massive unemployment or Senator McCaskell's  (a Sunday morning regular) four years of billing taxpayers for her family's corporate plane.

Republicans must pound, and pound again, the liberal media's failure to fulfill their role in challenging government failures and government deception.  Run campaign ads showing the media's slobbering adoration of Obama and his liberal ilk.  While there was no end to the media's rightful persecution of greedy Wall Street I did not see or hear one story about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's illegal profits from the multi-million dollar real estate deal he got in exchange for Reid's legislative support to push federal approval of the deal.

Remember Anthony Weiner and his X-rated Facebook pics?  Weinergate lasted less than a week on the airwaves then quickly died.  Then head of the House Banking Committee, Charley Rangel was finally convicted of ten million dollars in tax fraud, then was quietly censored and allowed to continue to serve in Congress..and not a word of criticism by the liberal media.  The seemingly Reverend Al Sharpton still owes the IRS millions after being convicted of tax fraud and NBC hired the felon to host his own Republican bashing "news" show.

The Republicans cannot hope to achieve success in getting out their message when it is constantly censored and filtered through the massive liberal media.  That can only be done by boycotting their dog and pony shows and pointing out the fallacy of "fair reporting".

Fire up the bull horns and avoid the banana peels!


Ken said...

I wish that could happen. We are hitting the internet and facebook really hard. Actually have had a couple of converts there.

The media is so obviously owned by a liberal management. Maybe Soros and crew, I don't know but it is manipulated in that direction. Obama and crew literally got away with murder in Bengahzi and Mexico and nothing was said. How do you fight that? These people own the keys to the kingdom.
I am very excited about Dr. Ben Carson! He has a great message and he is very much the "self actualized" man. Now I just can't imagine what could be wrong with the man but I'm just waiting for the destroyers of men and dreams to come out and drag him over the coals and his family through the sewer. This has just turned into such a pathetic mess of a system. I, once had a very positive outlook on everything but now I only see doom and gloom on all my horizons. Geez what a depressing guy, Ken, shut up!

Carol said...

Well said. Hopefully the Repubs will get a handle on this whole mess! Before it's really too late......

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, we all have our moments of despair. Remember I let this blog lay fallow for almost three months before I resumed the fight.

Carol, let's hope so. But we've got to quit letting the idiot wing of the party from being our lead spokespeople.