Sunday, March 3, 2013

Barack Obama's "It Ain't My Fault" Tour

Okay, you Obama haters, fess up!  Tell me that you didn't think when this election was over that Obama would finally stop campaigning.  After all, the guy made a speech a day every day of his first four years.  Whenever there was an important bill weaving its way through Congress Obama, instead of meeting with Congressional leaders to come to an agreement, would saddle up Air Force One for still another "demonization tour".

Yeah!  That's the ticket!  Go out and demonize your political opponents, then expect them to compromise with you!  And then he'd have the hutzpa to complain about gridlock in Washington!  I don't know about you, but when someone pisses me off, gets my back up, it is then that I'm least likely to listen to your point of view!

But, for Obama, the four year "campaign tour" that he managed to continue for his entire first term is quite an achievement.  Even most politicians don't like campaigning that much!  Most pols know you have to stop the political rhetoric and show a little leadership once in a while..but not Barack.  Nope, give the guy a teleprompter and an adoring liberal audience and he'll give you forty minutes of socialist schtick like you've never heard before....or perhaps you have; how about these "golden oldies:  "level playing field", "they just want to give tax breaks to those who don't need it and don't want it", "big oil subsidies", "red state and blue state", "we are our brother's keeper", "we're all in this together", "clearing Washington of the lobbyists and special interests", "I place myself up there with the four greatest Presidents ever .

Okay, you learned the first four years that Obama loved to talk.  You knew he loved adoring audiences.  You knew he loved basking in the spotlights on Leno and Letterman and Fallon, just oozing "coolness".  But you figured that was just Obama's way of securing a second four year term.

So when the November election was over, when Obama had no more campaigns to win, he would surely settle in to "wise elder statesman" status and would begin adhering to a set of principles, to a more accommodating role in Executive-Congressional relations.

Then, wonder of wonders, Obama just continued the same campaigning gig he's been on since he assumed office in January 09.  When the tax package was being negotiated back in December, Obama boarded Air Force One for another vacation in Hawaii.  When Republicans finally caved and gave Obama his tax on the rich that he wanted, he flew back to D.C. to sign the bill, then got back on Air Force One for a quick flight back to the land of leis and snow cones!  (8 million dollars for those two round trips).

As the Sequestration (yes, it was Obama's idea) debate began to heat up Obama again fled Washington for still another round of campaigning and demonizing.  It was the great "It Ain't My Fault!" tour.  So, Obama, relishing the great phallic symbol of an Air Force One, saddled up for a 90 mile flight from D.C. to Norfolk to commiserate with defense workers and flew to North Carolina to tell his welfare army that their free cell phones were in jeopardy.  He stood in front of firefighters and police and said homes would burn down and phone calls to your local police station would go unanswered.  He said hundreds of thousands of teachers would lose their jobs.   He told the Black welfare mom in Detroit that her six kids would not be getting their $2400 dollars per month day care subsidy and that millions of Michelle's obese school children would not be getting their free school breakfast and lunches.

He then picked up the phone and told Maxine Waters, Queen of Watts, that he needed help.  So last week Maxine said Sequester would result in the loss of 170 million American jobs (which was quite startling since there are only 140 million working Americans!).

So, this weekend Barack again boarded Air Force one.  He's pledged to make more speeches throughout the land, to let America know it's not his fault.

So, all you silly people who thought Obama was going to stop campaigning for the next "lame duck" four years, must now realize it ain't gonna happen.  If you can't lead, go out and campaign some more.


Tony the mover said...

I live in California, and Pelosi told a 100 black women yesterday that because of the sequester their children will not get to head start school, they will have to stay home and lose their jobs all because the republicans will not go along with the president. It was really sickining to listen to her talk this trash. To a standing ovation.

A Modest Scribler said...

Tony, the White House and Obama always make sure they are with an adoring kool-aid audience. Thus, the perpetual standing ovations.