Sunday, March 24, 2013

Senate Democrats; The Resurrection

Like another fellow who was resurrected a couple of thousand years ago,  Senate Democrats have at last resurrected the budget process.  For the first time in four years Harry Reid and company have presented their budget.

It calls for $3.7 trillion dollars in spending and makes no effort to cut fraud, waste and abuse in government programs.  Sadly, since we take in only  $2.5 trillion dollars in taxes, the Democratic budget calls for borrowing another $1.2 trillion from China, and sending our national debt to over $18 trillion dollars.  Oh, and the Democrats want to raise taxes again, this time by $985 billion dollars; this to pay for more monkey sex studies and free cell phones for welfare queens and food stamp cards for illegals.

After seeing how Dems wish to spend it's pretty clear now why they refused to present a budget before the last election.  Even yesterday, Harry Reid held up his hands and showed the holes in his hands, evidence of his own sacrifice on the political cross.  By voting for orgasmic spending increases, Reid's "yes" vote provided cover for four Democrats up for election next year to vote "no".    Seems those with a seat on the line perceived that American voters might frown on still another year of deficit spending.

But that didn't stop the Dems from holding an Easter egg hunt.  Senate pages spent hours hiding little colored Easter eggs before the Senate went into session.  Any Senator who found one of those little colored eggs got to add an earmark to the budget.

Chuck Schumer from New York won a colored egg and added another $30 billion or so for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.  Feeling generous he peeled off a roll of hundreds and dispatched a page down to the House to give Debbie Wasserman Schultz some extra dough so her staff could again dine on Filet Mignon.  Seems that, in the last couple of weeks, Debbie's staff were forced to eat T-bone steak due to the 2 percent Sequestrian cuts.

So now, the Senators can go home for two weeks in celebration of Easter.  As they exited the Senate Dems were patting themselves on the back for having the chutzpa to finally present and vote for a budget.

Resurrection!  A wondrous thing indeed!

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