Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Barack Obama; "Prince Charming"

After three weeks of "screaming wolf" over Sequestration, and having concluded his month long "Republican Demonization Tour", Obama came back to the capitol last week and is "making nice" with Republicans.  Last week he dined with key Republicans at a posh D.C. bistro, then the next day had Paul Ryan over for a tuna salad and chicken noodle soup lunch.

This week he's deigning to travel down Pennsylvania Avenue, to the capitol building and will share sweet tea and split pea soup with the Speaker of the House and other "grandma killers" from both the House and Senate.

Forgive me my skepticism but I just can't help but think that his polling staff took a look at that 9 point drop in his popularity polls and figured his  Sequestration "the sky is falling" tactics didn't set well with Americans.

So, Obama has, for the first time in four years, decided to exert a little executive leadership, descend from the Presidential throne, and hear what the peons have to say.

Is he sincere?  Well, frankly we won't know that until his next appearance at an NAACP convention.  If he stands in front of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, et al, and begins speaking in ebonics about "white devils" you'll know his "charm crusade" was simply a ruse.  Conversely, if he begins to admonish Blacks for their 75% one parent households, and their 12 percent of the populace consuming 43% of every welfare dollar, and if he challenges Al and Jessie to march down the streets of South Side Chicago to protests last year's 516 street murders in that neighborhood, we just might be seeing "the new Barack".

Pardon me if I reserve judgement until he actually puts numbers to paper about what entitlement cuts he's willing to make.   I'll also want to see if, after that huge tax on the wealthy he got in January, if he's still coveting more hundreds of billions from the Middle Class.

He could really "seal the deal" if he would plant a size 12 shoe right in the center of Harry Reid's rear-end, tell that Black chick from Texas to remove her red ten gallon hat when in the Capitol rotunda and tell Nancy Pelosi he's cutting funding for that $15 million dollar rat preserve in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

All "princely ideas".  :)

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Ken said...

Seriously doubt those wishes will come true. That I think is beyond any of those assholes in Washington. That place needs to be shaken out and new leadership installed and good luck with that wish. Wasn't 15 million just set aside to figure out why lesbians get fat?? I'm still wondering why I get fat and I'm still broke.