Monday, March 18, 2013

1.6 Billion Rounds To Suppress Dissent

Okay, for the last month we've all read the news reports about the Department of Homeland Security buying a massive amount of ammunition.  1.6 billion rounds to be exact.  DHS executed a purchase order for that amount a few weeks ago.

This caught the eye of most Americans who are still intelligent and alert enough to follow the news.  The rest, the vast majority, most probably those sleepy Obama voters who took both his side and his checks, could care less.

But even among those Americans who follow the news, and who still care, dare not contemplate what Homeland Security intends to do with that much ammo.  Our forces in the Middle East go through 6 million rounds a month, about 72 million rounds a year.  And yes, our military has their own stockpile of weapons and ammunition, not part of the DHS inventory.

So why does DHS need enough ammunition to last 20 years of all out war?  Do I really need to tell you?  It's to be used against YOU, fellow citizen!  Have you not seen enough clues?  Have you not recognized the growing dissent erupting amidst America's tax-paying middle class?  Tax-paying, hard-working, law-abiding middle class Americans are gagging on the fanatical liberalism that has turned the morals and traditional American values on their head!  America is tired of supporting a growing "entitlement class" of folks who have forsaken the work ethic that kept us, well, America!  America is nauseated by the "tyranny of the minority", where we are branded as right wing "nuts", "racists" and intolerant of alternative lifestyles!  America is fearful of our massive national debt!  Americans are tired of the massive illegal invasion and the liberals pandering to them to win political favor!  America is tired of seeing our schools produce illiterate kids and liberal zombies brainwashed by the liberal National Teachers Association.

Yes, America is mad as hell and we're not going to take it much longer!

Obama knows that!  That's why he accused us of "clinging to our guns and our religion".  Attorney General Eric Holder says he is far more fearful of militant Americans than he is of militant Muslims!  DHS Head Janet Napolitano said the same thing.

So the Obama regime is hearing the beat of war drums all across America.  And somewhere up there in Washington, deep in the bowels of the Justice Department, and the DHS headquarters, are secret plans all drawn up in blue binders, and classified TOP SECRET, on how to put down the Great American Insurrection!  Yes, folks!  I'm talking about the 2nd Civil War.  It's coming and Big Government knows it..and they have planned for it...and they are ready for it!

And by the way:   The more weapons they can confiscate from American citizens, the more weapons they can outlaw, the easier it will be to suppress the coming revolution!

I quote again our great founding father, Thomas Jefferson:    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."


Ken said...

I'm in 100% agreement with you here and I consider myself fairly well informed and reasonably intelligent. I have shown other reasonably intelligent people many articles and pictures of DHS fema camps, and various DHS mission statements, etc., etc.. Now the fema camps are mostly complete and the pictures very much resemble Auschwitz-Birkenau with high fences topped with razor wire, guard towers and railroad sidings. These camps have only one obvious use and that is the handling and detention of large numbers of human captives. Yet with all my empirical evidence and all that is going on I am almost to a man looked at like I'm crazy and will be tolerated but let's change the subject now. I fear, just like his election the overthrow of this country will be like the "piece of rotten fruit falling to his lap". This really is sad. I guess he may have come at the perfect time to force his agenda on an apathetic America. It is so maddening, this is not one I would like to get to say "I told you so" about.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, knowing what I know about the government, this old 64 year old guy is probably already on their "watch list", though having known war, I'm probably more of a peace activist that most anyone.

Having said that, I am saddened by the possibility that a 2nd Civil War will occur. But Washington has become so corrupt that I see no way out of it. The polarization of America is getting so tense that it would take a miracle for this to be settle peacefully.

For some of the folks who emailed me this morning and called me a wild eyed radical I can only say "hey", it's not the first time a "prophet" has been blamed for what is to come. Had half of America that were "asleep at the wheel, and didn't get off their apathetic asses to vote this bozo out, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Mike Hunt said...

It is too bad the only way to open the eyes of the govt. is through a Civil War. There are more than they realize that are ready, me included. Down with feinstein and pelosi and the rest of the hypocrite liberal shitbags.

A Modest Scribler said...

Mike, I think the government knows a lot of us are ready; that's why they bought all that ammo.

And yes, the government has now been so corrupt I don't see it changing with out revolution.