Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama's Grand Sequestration Tantrum

It's time we begin showing a little sympathy for Barack Obama.  After all, the email leaks from the White House on how to make the Sequester as painful as possible is hurtful to the liberal cause.  And, even after finishing his two-month "It Ain't My Fault-The Sky Is Falling" speaking tour, the American people have finally tired of hearing Obama "cry wolf".

Sadly, even after releasing over 3,000 illegal criminals, after closing White House tours, even after White House janitors blew his cover on their furloughs and pay cuts, the American people said "enough" and have left Obama to stew in his self-soiled diaper.

But we have to give him at least a little sympathy.  Look at it this way.  Here's a half Black boy-child who has had everything handed to him his whole life, simply because of his race and his own sense of entitlement.  Read his own book!  In "Dreams of My Father" he says he was always amazed that "white folks", so accustomed to the rough thuggery of the typical urban Black man,  would be quite generous with a smiling Barry who could charm your socks off.  It bought him access to the white world, it bought him trust, it bought him hundreds of thousands of dollars in minority scholarships.  Even in the most mundane of circumstances his white friends would give him great leeway even in the face of societal "faux pas's".  His Hawaii buddies still laugh at how the charming Barry would "jump the line and take an additional toke from the marijuana cigarette or a "bonus sniff" from the cocaine horde.  "Aw, that's just good old effervescent Barry", they would say.

And then Barry would later take his Columbia and Harvard degrees, don the robes of a Black Christ, and boogie himself into Chicago's South Side and begin pumping the "white guilt" government money machine to suck federal tax dollars toward solving the half century old Black Urban Street Gang Problem.  Never mind that it didn't work; it never does, but it always results in the pump primer becoming another champion of the overly dependent Black community.

And, after being schooled in corruptive thuggery of Chicago politics Barry stowed the Jesus robes in favor of suit and tie (then minus an American flag) and began climbing the political ladder.

And was Barry ever successful!  He was able to "fool half of the people all of the time" and bought himself a second term with a trillion dollars worth of "stimulus" and free cell phones to the welfare masses.

Alas, now the American public are tiring of the "rhetoric without soul", the rhetoric that bemoans the suffering of the "poor" even as he vacations in Hawaii and Martha's Vineyard or maybe just a $2 million dollar "golfing weekend" with Tiger Woods down in Palm Beach.

Hey folks!  These "Barry tactics" have always worked!  And they aren't now...and The Anointed One is shocked that America is not buying the 2% cut (of an increase) in a $3.6 trillion dollar budget will destroy America as we know it.

So give the guy a little sympathy.  He's that kid in the grocery store bawling his eyes out when mommy refused to give him a second candy bar.  And he's sitting in his self-soiled diaper and doesn't know how to handle it.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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