Monday, March 11, 2013

Entitlement Hubris

Back when President Franklin Roosevelt signed Social Security legislation it was inherently understood that American workers would contribute a stated amount each month to fund a retirement account that would supplement a senior's basic needs after their working life was over.  When Medicare was approved for seniors a similar charge, or tax, was assessed each week from a paycheck.  These "paid up front" programs are valid "entitlements" because they were paid for by the worker.

Unfortunately, when Lyndon Johnson implemented his Great Society Programs it created a totally new "entitlement class".  Those programs, purportedly meant to end poverty in America, unfortunately created a different class of "poverty"; the poverty of the American work ethic.

And Congress were willing participants...and why not?  Doling out trillions of dollars in welfare, WIC, food stamps, free Section 8 government housing, free minority scholarships is a great way to buy votes!  It was at that point that Congress began calling the great government give-a-aways "entitlements".

However, unlike Social Security and Medicare, these daring new entitlement programs did not require a single dime from the beneficiaries of these programs.  Indeed, they were more generous than that!  It became entirely possible to live off one or more of these new "entitlements" without the need to even look for a job.  And, just as Social Security and Medicare pensioners feel "entitled" to a pay back for their contributions, the welfare queens feel equally "entitled" though their sole contribution to our society was reckless "breeding".

So Washington has now created a "petri dish" of victimhood from those who have no guilt about not working, and have become accustomed to receiving their "entitlements".  The logic of this entitlement thinking is quite astounding.  Millions of Black folks feel "entitled" because someone they were related to 150 years ago were slaves and they'll be damned if working Americans now don't owe them a lifetime on the American gravy train.

After witnessing the gravy train passing them by, many of the White race said "what the hell", and climbed aboard.  Women were free to breed, men were free to breed and walk away from child support as the government stepped in to feed, medicate and educate the tens of millions of "one parent orphans".

Soon, Congress, recognizing a winning hand, broadened the scope of benefits.  American workers are not only taxed on their work but must now pay higher utility rates to fund "poverty discounts" for those who won't, don't work, or game the system by not reporting their income.  Soon after, Big Government told the phone companies that they too must assess a federal tax on your phone bill to provide free cell phones to tens of millions of Big Government tit-suckers.    And when that wasn't enough Congress passed tax laws that further sweetened the pot.  Now, if you're willing to breed half a dozen children you receive a huge Child Tax Credit check directly from the IRS.  How's that for encouraging a work ethic?

But even that wasn't enough!  Remember that big Social Security fund that held trillions of dollars in the Social Security account?  Well, first Congress and Lyndon Johnson confiscated those funds to pay for the explosion of spanking new welfare benefits, with the cost of the Vietnam war thrown in!  Was that enough?

No, sadly not.  The next claim on the Social Security fund went to poverty level green card immigrants.  If I may apply an example:

My wife began working forty years ago.  Now a Social Security recipient, she draws $700 per month.  From that amount, the government takes out $105 per month to pay for her monthly Medicare premiums.  However we know many immigrants who immigrated to this country ten or fifteen years ago.  Some worked, some didn't.  Some of those who worked didn't report their income.  Some went on welfare immediately.  None of them paid into Social Security or Medicare.  However, these same senior immigrants are drawing Social Security SSI (poverty level needy) checks of over $1,000 dollars per month, have free Medicaid (not Medicare) and pay no monthly fee for it, nor any co-pays.  These immigrants are further enriched by having their dental care paid for while no such program exists for Americans who worked a lifetime in this country.

I dare any of you to now walk into a Social Security or Welfare office anywhere in America.  You will find the office packed with illegal immigrants who are applying for benefits in the name of their anchor baby; deemed an American citizen by right of an illegal invasion and a taxpayer funded birthing in an American hospital.

Ahh, the new America...a fiscally and morally bankrupt America...where everyone is "entitled", regardless of effort.  And now the Social Security and Medicare funds are broke, its trillions of dollars stolen by politicians and given to the "entitled"

And as Congress prepares to cut the budget, both Republicans and Democrats speak only of cutting Social Security and Medicare....and not a peep about the trillions being spent on those who never contributed a single dime....Viva free cell phones!  Viva the new Food Stamp cards that can now be used to buy fast food!  Viva Obamacare to an additional 30 million!....and death to seniors who paid the bills for fifty years.

"Entitlement" indeed.


Ken said...

Right now I'm arguing with some lib about why I should be paying for birth control. My nephew who is a Marine has been told no reenlistment will be accepted. Gut that military, pay for abortions, my new home, I am ashamed.

Well, the boys at Fast and Loud show are looking at a '54 Chevy Bel Aire and calling out the back seats as a great place for sex...a little nostalgia to take me away, thanks I remember my '56 Chevy fondly.

What can we do. I am waiting for the first gunshot of the revolution, I don't want to be the one to fire it though...

Mike Hunt said...

Don't forget to press 1 for English.How much is wasted printing govt. info in different languages.Ship all the winey blacks back to where they were sold from(by other blacks) and have the illegals from the south build a nice border fence then tell them their paychecks are on the other side. Not sure if leftists would approve, so send their dumbasses too!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. Things are really really bad! It has to be a matter of time until this changes because we, the tax payers are getting tired both mentally and physically. We can only do so much. When the minority is supporting the majority, it just won't work anymore. We are quickly approaching that statement.

Let's build beautiful complexes in the middle of the dessert and move all of the free loaders there. After they move in, let's shut down all benefits. They will kill each other and then eventually the sand will cover up the insanity of it all. Too bad we will waste all those flat screen TV's and fancy car rims....