Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Comcast Bans Gun Ads

Dear Comcast,

I just read last Friday that you have directed that gun commercials will no longer be aired on any of your stations, or on any of your programs.  So you have now joined the Disney corporation in censoring and in deciding what is appropriate material for Americans to see.

Well, let me tell you I believe it's ironic, and so indicative that your managers are simply pointy head idiots, that you would choose to decide you have the right to keep gun commercials from the public eye, but simply can't afford to ban the vulgarity and massive violence displayed in your entertainment programming.

I see nothing of you banning the broadcast of Hamburger Hill, Diehard, Apocalypse Now, or any of the scores of violent action movies you need to bring eyeballs to your screens.  Really, could anything be more phony and wrong headed than your pandering to gun control advocates?

Comcast, if you're so concerned about violence against children, will you also be banning those Black music channels that promote teen sex and gangsta thuggish?

I doubt very much that anyone watches those gun commercials that are aired locally on your stations.  A cheap gun commercial with Billy Bob pimping guns in Dallas, Texas is going to draw far fewer suggestible eyes than Die Hard 1, 2 or 3!  But hey,  ya gotta suck up to special interests, right?  To hell with the 1st or 2nd Amendments!

Well, Comcast manager, I wish I could tell you that I'll boycott you for your effort to censor what I choose to see.  But we don't have Comcast over here, and even if we did I doubt I would subscribe.  I've read your customer service is the worst of all the cable networks.

I do boycott your NBC-Universal network.  But that wasn't because of your policy on the advertising of guns sales.  I boycotted your MSNBC because it is no more than a Russian Style "Pravda" that no longer airs the news but serves as a liberal propaganda machine.  The most recent Pew "Fairness in Media" survey reported that 85% of everything said on MSNBC is liberal opinion, not news.  Oh, by the way, I stopped watching NBC too; stopped watching the evening news when we caught you censoring news reports to favor the liberal viewpoint.  As to your entertainment programming; well guys, I"m sure you already know the latest Nielsons show you are now in 5th place in the ratings.  Even Telemundo beats you in the ratings!

So keep on with the liberal pandering Comcast.  Keep censoring the news and censoring what only you deem appropriate for commercial use.  After all, you have nothing to lose; there are so few now watching your programs how bad can it get?

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