Thursday, February 28, 2013

Occupy Movement Drives To Protest Keystone Pipeline

Well, who said the Occupy movement is dead?  They were out in force this week protesting legislation that might approve the Keystone Pipeline meant to bring cheap oil down from Canada and reduce gas prices.

The Occupiers hate big oil because they make money...and anyone who makes money are the arch enemy of the Occupy movement.  While it was perfectly okay for their idol, Obama, to squander $200 billion dollars in bankrupt solar companies, the occupiers will give no quarter to the oil companies who keep our nation's economy moving.

Obama's then Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu, made a speech up at Stanford a couple of years ago.  He said it would be ideal if gas prices could get up to the $7 to $10 per gallon rate because that would cut consumption and clean the air.  Of course, not being an economist, Chu did not venture a guess as to what ten buck a gallon gas would do to our economy.  He's not concerned with such mundane details.

Never the less, the Occupy Movement embraced Chu's remarks and stated goals of making anyone who drives one of the gas powered cars pay big!  But, lest someone dare to apply logic to this madness, let's take a look at how those massive occupiers arrived to stage their demonstration.  Here's just one of their parking areas:

Now, as near as I can tell, there are a hell of a lot of gas guzzling Kia's and Chevy's and Oldsmobiles and Fords and Toyotas and Honda's in the Occupier's designating parking lot.  Hmmm...either the Occupiers got mom and pop, or a green check from Uncle Sam, to pay for all that gas...but as I see it Exxon just made a pile of profits fueling those Occupier cars to protest Exxon.

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Ken said...

Keystone pipeline or no, I doubt gas prices will come down anytime soon. Too many factors playing on the price as I am told. One is inflation, then the world's demand and no protections for Americans. We have a lot of oil now with all the fracking and nothing happening to the price but it's getting higher. As far as occupy, well that little joke is funny to watch but they don't seem to be much of a threat.