Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Obama Praises Tuition Assistance For Illegals; Cuts It For Military

At least a dozen states have voted to give illegal immigrants reduced rate, in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens who reside in their respective states.  However, out of state American kids, American citizens, continue to be charged double the rate if they choose to come to these states to attend college.

Obama praised this policy, citing the need to bring illegal invaders "out of the darkness", and welcoming them by offering a vast array of generous tax-payer funded benefits.  To the American kids Obama says "go to hell"; you can afford to pay $20,000 more per year than the illegal kid.

Then, this past week Obama upped the ante.  While both state and federal money is going to illegal immigrant education, Obama has cancelled tuition assistance for the military, using Sequestration as the cause.

For those who are not familiar with military tuition assistance I can only offer my own experience.  While on active duty I participated in off duty college classes to get my degree.  It took me eight years going part time to get my BA degree.

But I would not have been able to pay for all those classes without the Military Tuition Assistance Program.  The way the program worked; you went to the base education office, filled out a form that listed the classes you had enrolled in, describing the benefits this education might apply to enhancing the Air Force mission, pledged to pay a share of the tuition fees, etc.  ( I believe I paid 75% of the costs and the Air Force paid 25%) The form would then be signed by your military supervisor and the Director of Military Education, then forwarded to the college registrar.  When you registered for the courses you wrote a check for your part of the tuition, then the college billed the government for the remaining portion.

But now, in a further bout of pique, Obama has told military members that, because of Sequester, Uncle Sam can no longer offer Tuition Assistance to our troops.   That may very well be true.  The TA program probably costs one millionth of one percent of the Defense budget but if Obama says we can't afford it let's take him on his word.

But of course the obvious question is "if we can't afford it for our active duty military how do we afford it for a few million illegals?  And no, the programs to help illegals have not been halted.  Just last week the state of Massachusetts expanded education aid to illegals and last week, the 5th of March, the Colorado legislature voted to give reduced tuition rates for illegals.

Not a word about a reduced tuition rates for all those military grunts at Fort Carson or the dozen other military bases in that state.

A world truly turned upside down.  Sigh.


Ken said...

Just imagine all those democrat votes coming from illegals who are now given an education by liberal professors in liberal schools across the USA. Another nail in the coffin of the United States. What an absolutely despicable man. His moves are so obvious and yet he can't be stopped. He is probably the most dangerous enemy this country has ever seen and he seems unstoppable.

Don't know if I mentioned this, my nephew joined the Marines about two years ago had decided he wanted to reenlist and has been told, "no reenlistment for Marines will be accepted". Sequestration you know. While the most unpopular congress still receives ridiculous pay,perks and retirement packages, and illegal aliens are receiving newly established benefits, American citizens and military are given the sequestration shaft. The obama's don't feel the sequestration when it comes to multi million dollar "Martha's Vineyard" vacations and White house birthday parties with hollywood stars. Yet our children are refused access to the White House tours for the same reason. Any sitting president with this much animus for the American people is nothing but an enemy of the state.

A Modest Scribler said...

I agree Ken. And I'm always happy that I give you the opportunity to blow off steam here on the blog...it may very well spare you a heart attack down the road! :)

Re the Sequestration Shaft....I love that term! Gonna have to use it in a future blog! Have a great day, Ken!