Wednesday, March 27, 2013

America; Sick, Lame...and Lazy


I was in the mood for a little numbers crunching this morning.  Frankly, I wanted to to look again at how it was possible for Obama to "buy" that last election.  I already knew a significant number of Americans were dependent on Big Government for sustenance and succor.  But I had no idea how dramatically the numbers have changed since Obama took office.

Let's look at some of those numbers. 

According to the last census there are about 300 million human beings living within the borders of the United States.  Of that number about 80 million are adults.  And what percentage of those adults are "producing citizens and contributing to the general welfare?"  

Let's see:  14 million Americans are unemployed.  Another 16 million Americans are working less than thirty hours per week and are underemployed.  According to a report released this morning from Health and Human Services Americans are now supporting 14 million adults who have declared themselves disabled.  (An astounding 5.4 million increase since Obama took office).  Of those on the disability rolls, HHS reports disability cases associated with "bad backs" and drug-related mental illness represent at least half, making a decision on whether they are able to work extremely subjective.  

Whew!  Okay let's do a sub-total so we don't get confused here.  14 million unemployed, 16 million underemployed, 14 million claiming disability and unable to work.

Okay, so far, out of 80 million working age adults we have 44 million who aren't working for one reason or another, or working so little they can't pay taxes or support themselves.  What about the remaining 36 million working age adults?  

Whoops!  Of the 36 million remaining working age adults,  according to HHS, 15 million on are on welfare.  That leaves 21 million working adults left to pay the bills for everyone else!

Please tell me that's all!  

Nope, it seems that even among the working class, we are having to lend them a hand as well.  Joining the unemployed, underemployed, self-declared "disabled" and the welfare queens, we have working folks being paid so little they qualify for Food Stamps which now includes over 50 million Americans.

Need I be ungracious and mention that, after we send all those great bennies directly to their mail box or direct deposit account, we then pay for free breakfast AND lunch for 77 million children, to include illegals?

Are we done now?

Sadly, no.  To be fair, 7 million of the disabled are retirement age folks.  So let's eliminate them entirely from having working potential.  But then we have to remember that we have an obligation to pay Social Security and Medicare to our retirees.  (funded but already spent by the U.S. government).


No.  We forgot to count the 12 to 20 million illegals who have at least one "anchor baby" which makes them elgible for food stamps, WIC, Medicaid and Section 8, taxpayer paid free housing.

Done now?

Sorry, no.  USA Today recently reported that the federal government has over $2 trillion dollars in "unfunded liabilities"; retirement pay for millions of federal employees, 21,000 of whom draw retirement salaries over $100,000 per year!

What can we conclude about all these numbers?  Well, when we see those IRS numbers that says 30 percent of American workers are paying 70% of all taxes, and thus federal benefits, we can now believe it true.

And what do our liberal friends continue to say?  "Tax the rich!"  "Gouge the rich!"  "Raise Taxes Higher!", they scream. And not one Democrat will even allow that, among the 75% of Americans drawing some form of government succor, there just might be some sick, lame...and lazy Americans.

But, hey!  That's who delivered Obama another victory.  And that's who keep the Democrats in power!  That is...until the last few million working Americans finally just give up...and walk in to claim "back problems" and "disability".

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Note:  The numbers and statistics cited here came directly from government sources; the Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Social, the IRS, Department of Agriculture, etc.  I do not "copy" numbers from any blog, political or otherwise, in order to insure accuracy.


Ken said...

I was going back and forth last night with a democrat about how bad these policies are hurting us. The argument, it wouldn't be any better with Romney. I wasn't slamming the ideology so much as the policy. It's a no win anymore.
What is really troubling to me is my back has completely left me unable to work or walk anymore yet I'm to ashamed to even talk about disability. I'm 58 this last birthday and thought I might wait until retirement, yet no one will hire me now. Hearing of all the freeloaders just makes me sick to think I'll be one if my wife loses her job and in Kali that's a possibility for anyone now.
Just breaks my heart how this country has been flushed down the toilet. Your story sends a very sad message. America's death rattle.

BTW Facebook's DCClothesline is a page with several links to revolution groups. I found a link to a group planning a walk on Washington July 4th by armed citizens. That might just trigger to the end event.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for commenting, Ken. Regarding the argument, we wouldn't be better off with Romney..I certainly disagree with that one. However, he's partly right; we need some drastic changes and middle of the road Republicans aren't the answer either.

It looks like the only way we turn this around is long after most of us are hurting. Too bad we waited this long.