Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Obama/Reid/Pelosi Grand 2014 Collapse


For the last few months we're beginning to see a trend that just might bode well for Republicans in the 2014 mid-term elections.   Obama lost millions of his "brain dead" Kool Aid drinkers when he upped the payroll tax back to the 6.2 percent rate established previously.  Most of us knew the temporary cut was just to put a couple of hundred extra dollars in worker paychecks, enabling him to buy an election using the Social Security Trust Fund.  (And of course underfunding Social Security which is already under assault)

So things weren't so "kumbaya" between Obama and his groupies even before being sworn in to his second term.  Then this month we learned that the average health care premium (already up 25% since Obamacare was signed) is scheduled to increase another 32 percent next year!  The political boards are on fire over these explosive increases.

Then last month all those Obama voters went to their state health care exchanges to sign up for Obamacare, only to thwarted by obsolete IRS computers which must mate with the exchanges but have proven unable to do so.  Even more troubling for the "gravy train" crowd were the rates they are being asked to pay to secure Obamacare.

The next bombshell was released this morning.  Forbes ran a report showing more than 45 million Americans will not get free Obamacare because they do not meet the guidelines.....but you know who does qualify?  Illegal aliens qualify because last week Senator Jeff Sessions, when finding a loophole in Obamacare that allowed illegals to enroll, tried to pass a bill that would bar them from the benefit.  The Democrats in the Senate voted the bill down, not wanting to offend their future voters.

Then this morning Yahoo News ran an Associated Press report that said Medicare is no longer paying for their patients' diagnostic tests!  Now Grandpa and Grandma can't get their PSA or cholesterol tests because Big Government dropped the ball.  It seems that, under Obamacare, Obama wanted to lower the reimbursement rate for these tests and put reimbursement on hold until a reimbursement formula was established.  Problem is, they never wrote them.    So a lot of those old folks who voted for Obama because he said Romney would hurt their Medicare...aren't getting the treatment they need..from Obama!

So, you add em up folks.  Look at all the folks Obama and company has pissed off just since January.  All of a sudden Obama's 2% popular vote victory, a "mandate" Obama crows, has dried up.

Then, the rest of America is scheduled for "the grand wakeup" in the spring of 2014 when prices of both product and services explode, hundreds of services being taxed at higher rates to pay for Obama's free Obamacare for the lifelong Obama tit-suckers.  Tens of thousands of Americans will be paying special taxes when they sell a house, get a tan, or get a heart stint installed.  

I would not be a bit surprised to see Republicans take control of both the House and Senate in the November 2014 elections.  That would stop Obama's socialization program in its tracks...which might, in the end, just save our country from total collapse.

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Ken said...

I just love those predictions, now I will start praying like crazy. Something has got to happen. So far of the "Obama Tit suckers" (I love that one) I know, they didn't even know their paycheck was smaller as result of tax increase. That said they still think his s**t don't stink. It is just amazing, the hypnotic hold that man has on a whole generation.

Anyway, Good Friday's tomorrow, I probably better take Mom to church for the three hour prayer a thon and ask the good Lord for relief from this scourge. Again, thanks for all those positive thoughts today!!