Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Bible Trumps The Nielsons


Well, the secular world is in a screaming tizzy this week.  Seems a ten hour miniseries about, and entitled The Bible has been winning the ratings war all week.  Broadcast on The History Channel, The Bible has been the most watched program on all of cable for the week.  And on some nights it's been beating out the Big Three programming as well.

This has just frustrated the hell out of non-believers.  Liberal politicians, having nothing else to criticize, raised a ruckus because the devil in the film resembled The Anointed One.  They accused the producers of the film of trying to demonize The Great Obama, savior of the secular and government "suckular" as well.  After all, it is only Big Government who can fulfill the dreams of the masses!  Despite the denials of the producers, liberals just couldn't be mollified.

Most clergymen had no problem with the movie, other than to quibble about some of the biblical history  not receiving adequate dramatic attention.

However, elite academia found the massive viewer following a reason for concern.  "Pure Fiction!" they cried.   "A clear setback for the voice of scientific reason", they lamented.   "It's despicable that a group of people might have an influence on our young...who might defeat everything we've done to rid our schools of allusions to Christmas and Easter and religious folklore!  

Indeed, the Nielson folks were taken aback somewhat by the millions of young Americans who tuned in.  Could it be that these young people are hungry for a spirituality?  Could it be that more and more young people are finding their entertainment icons to have feet of clay?

Well, the academics may stand firm on evolution versus divine creation.  Their scientists may dispute the idea that God created our world.  But sadly, academia cannot dispute the fact that a fellow named Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth some 2,000 years ago.  Though they may dispute his position of "son of God", they can't deny nor decry the words of a humble carpenter.  Those words have endured for over 2,000 years under greater assault than those of 20th century academia.  For it is those words that speak of love, of forgiveness, of compassion for the poor and sick...and yes, even compassion for those too arrogant to acknowledge his grace.

"He is risen....even in the Nielson ratings.

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