Friday, March 29, 2013

Liberal Logic


Liberal Logic:

Have you ever noticed that liberals in federal, state, and city government always choose to build a half a billion dollar community theater, a museum, or a performing arts center in the middle of a ghetto?  It's called "urban renewal" and it's done under the theory that you build something grand where nobody wants to live, where the drug trade thrives, and where the crime rate is the highest, you will "invigorate" that ghetto.  And yet, after floating a 30 year bond to build the thing, no one supports it, no one attends events in it because they don't want their car  broken into, or be assaulted, or killed, the grand center runs millions of dollars a year in the red, then taxpayers are expected to pay higher taxes to pay for the millions in annual operating losses!  Brilliant! 

Liberal Logic:  

Vice President Joe Biden, stung by criticism that taxpayers paid over $585,000 dollars for his one night stay at a hotel in Paris, fought back.  Biden said he brought 136 people with him on that trip so the hotel costs was for all of them.  Then some Fox Reporter said "gosh, if 136 people stayed with you, and if you paid $3,000 a piece for everyone to have a hotel suite, you'd still have a couple of hundred thousand dollars left!  But Biden swears he didn't use the mini-bar!

And you know what?  That half a million dollar one night hotel bill is a bargain when compared to another tax payer funded Biden Bennie.  For over twenty years Joe Biden took the Amtrak home every night (he brags about it) from Washington D.C. to Delaware when he served in the Senate.  Amtrak, from its very beginning has been subsidized 10 to 1 by taxpayers, having lost billions over the last two decades.  We've paid millions of dollars to subsidize Biden's Amtrak excursions.

Quote:  Joe Biden: "We don't have a spending problem...we have a revenue problem!"

P.S.  That "Air Force Two" that carried Joe Biden and friends to Paris cost $1.2 million dollars for the single flight.  There was an "open bar" with the booze paid for out of Defense Department funds (Air Force).....last month the Defense Department quit serving hot breakfasts to our troops in Afghanistan, citing the high costs. 

P.S.S.  Update:  Just learned yesterday that Biden has been flying a hugely expensive Air Force 2 every weekend for the hundred mile trip from Washington D.C. to if it couldn't get more ridiculous.

Liberal Logic.


Ken said...

I am just so F**KING sick of hearing these bastards abusing the American taxpayer and defending the practice. The idiot Pelosi who has used her office to enrich her family at her every turn, then when questioned about the senate raises tells us that they deserve it just because of the special position they hold. Yet these people do nothing to make our lives better, only their friends richer.
In Alameda county, Ca, a near bankrupt place in bankrupt Cali is saying goodbye to one of its supervisors, she is retiring with a pension of $459,000 a year for the rest of her life with regular cost of living adjustments, it's sickening.
I read an article yesterday saying that several billionaires, Warren Buffet included are rapidly dumping all their American holdings predicting that a correction of possibly 90% is expected very soon. Do you think the assholes in Washington will feel it? No I doubt it, just us and taxes will probably be raised so as to cover the expenses.

Just sickening, I so look forward to the revolution we are all talking about here in the trenches. Thanks for letting me vent a bit.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yep...if you remember Pelosi was one of the Congress people that got caught insider trading based on government intelligence not available to the public.

And check Pelosi and banker hubby's ownership of shares of Clean Energy Corp.

Mike Hunt said...

It boggles the mind how hypocritical and blatent the liberal govt. can be. When do we the people get to ride in AF2? I drive my 100 mile commute,2 hours of wind down calm.Biden is probably afraid of his own thoughts when alone. Thanks and keep the info coming.