Sunday, September 1, 2013

Them Syrians Ain't Done Nothing To Me!


Back in the anti-war 60's Muhammad Ali, in declaring he would not accept the military draft, said of the Vietnam War "them Cong ain't done nothing to me!", meaning he had no dog to hunt in that war.

I feel the same way about Syria.  Two years ago when the Obama Administration and the main stream media were orgasmic over the Arab Spring, the regional uprisings all over the Middle East.  I argued at that time that we had little knowledge about those in the uprisings, and no assurance that conditions would be any better than under those powers whom they overthrew.  I also argued that Muslims love war and conflict, thrive on it, and simply overthrowing one power structure for another means little.

We've now had our nose in Middle East wars for over a decade.  It has cost us thousands of lives and trillions in national treasure and I challenge anyone to show me how anything has been gained for those many sacrifices.

Now, Obama and the Congressional war hawks from both parties are urging military action against the Syrian regime.  They advocate again for rebel forces for which little is known.  Brutality surely exists on both sides and, given the Muslim culture, so does hate and unrest.  

Again, I say let's just let these people kill each other off in any manner they see fit, whether by bullet or chemical, I could care less.  The more time Muslims spend killing each other, that is just less time they spend burning our flags, invading our embassies, or plotting terrorist activity in America and around the world.

And, from a monetary standpoint, I want Congress to start paying for these wars as they occur.  Quit running up supplemental budgets to finance our foreign forays.  Instead, every time the President, or Congress wishes to jump in to some foreign crisis, make them find budget cuts to pay for them.

I do see one note of sanity among our NATO allies; just last Thursday the British Parliament refused to authorize British participation in this latest uprising.  Bully for them!  Hope they stick with that decision.

I can still recall Barack Obama speaking before the Egyptian Parliament shortly after he took office.  I have never seen any President cow-tow lower toward the Muslim world than did this President.  Obama assumed he possessed a bit of the "Moses aura" and could just talk nicely to Middle East Muslims and they would adore him and opt to leave us alone.  It was those very "mis-reads" that have contributed to an unsettled Middle East, even more in turmoil than ever.  That should have been made clear when Obama chose to sacrifice four American lives in Benghazi simply because he was too stubborn to admit his grand mistakes.

And now, wishing to atone for five years of being testicular challenged, Obama is now rattling the saber and involving us in still another war of madness.

No doubt, before this blog reaches print, Obama will have launched air strikes against the Syrian regime.  As for me, "Them Syrians Ain't Done Nothing To Me...or FOR me!"  Let em continue to kill each other off until they tire of doing so.


Seymore Butts said...

I agree fully!There is only one thing to do when ones enemies are killing each other:Stay out of it and let them kill as many of themselves as they can.

Old Bob said...

I'm under the grandstand too, and that's exactly my opinion!

Anonymous said...

I agree, let them kill each other until there is no more. Those people are animals and will never be anything but animals. I also agree they have done nothing for me and my beloved America, and bring nothing positive to the table. Plus we need to vote out ALL politician's.

Brian from California