Friday, September 20, 2013

Are We A Society Gone Mad?

Having now achieved six decades in this life I'm not easily shaken by societal changes.  Thankfully, they usually evolve in small day to day increments, allowing us to adjust to them.  However, this week there have been so many bizarre stories about American comings and goings that I am left flabbergasted and stunned by what is happening in America.

Just last week I discovered that there's a Face Book Page celebrating teen pregnancy.  On this site you will find seemingly sane adults awing and cooing over sixteen year old girls having babies.  When these girls breed and then choose to raise the child without benefit of a father there is even more orgasmic delight!  One little fifteen year old girl was featured as a seeming "princess of the day" for having borne twins to care for!  I was alerted to this page when one of those in my Facebook circle posted a "like" for this teen pregnancy Facebook page.   And still another in my circle also posted a "like!"  This seemed incredible to me so I wandered on over to the site and, sure enough, there were hundreds of thousands posting adoring "likes" for those teens dumb enough to get pregnant.  As you can imagine, it didn't take me long at all to dig up the stats on the costs to taxpayers to pay for the birthing, feeding and educating of these babies.  Hundreds of billions of dollars go toward supporting kids born without paternal (or even maternal) support; instead American taxpayers must foot the bill for the back seat sluts too stupid to use birth control or a condom!  Insane!

Then, just yesterday I read that students at the University of Southern California have joined together to raise funds and send care packages to Al Quada!  And, I swear this is true! that same university a history professor presented a map of the Middle East and intentionally left off the nation of Israel, so enamored is he by the Muslim chaos, and so hateful is he of Jews who dare protect their homeland!

So I wake up this morning, fire up my IMAC, hit my usual five on line newspapers, only to learn that American taxpayer money is being used to fund a campaign by the U.S. Park Service (yes, I said U.S Park Service!) that makes films praising Muslims for their amazing efforts to emancipate women!

Are you kidding me?  In the most of the Middle East a woman is lashed if she reports her own rape, she 's not allowed to drive, or hold political office, or work outside the home, or decide whom she will marry, is often entered into an arranged marriage at 8 or nine to a fifty year old Muslim man (just last month an eight year old died from having sex with her forty something Muslim husband!) and, grandest of all, more than half of little Muslim girls have their genitalia mutilated so that she will never commit the sin of enjoying sex!  And our own U.S. Park Service is using taxpayer dollars to celebrate the Muslim treatment of women!  

And finally, we had another gun massacre this week.  The killer managed to kill twelve innocents because it ocurred in a gun free zone where no one had a gun to fire back and stop the mad man.  And it happened in Washington D.C. who own the most restrictive gun laws in the nation!  And how, did our President respond?  He vowed to circumvent the Constitution and issue executive orders that would  further restrict gun ownership!  Of course this does not stop anyone from illegally acquiring guns and creating more havoc; it only prevents law abiding citizens from having a gun that might stop the massacre!

Some days I hold out a little hope for America.  Most Americans are fair minded and level headed and not prone to holding the extreme philosophies as listed above.  I keep hoping those Americans will rise up, execute a grand "bitch slap" to these loonies and have us return to lives of sanity.  

Then I read a plethora of these wacko things playing out throughout our land and I am convinced we're all going insane and a hair's breath away from a societal nervous breakdown.  

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Seymore Butts said...

First,I always enjoy reading your scriblings. I live in CA, and this column even astounded me. What has become of our country?Enough is enough, stop the pc crap, and get the country back on track.No muslim movies,no glorifing knocked up teens, quit whining about being entitled, get a job and become a productive member of this society.Final question:Since our taxes pay welfare, does that mean we are their bosses?

Bill Long said...

300 spartans refused to lay down their weapons. Will you? MOLON LABE!!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Seymore, buddy, you know i'm with ya! Bill, brilliant! As you know, I haven't laid down (and I carry it a bit longer than most) but it sure gets discouraging sometimes..:)

Anonymous said...

Brian Kalifornia
I read your post everyday and I'm amused and sadden. Remember, it was an AR with high capacity mags used in Washington as reported by the libtard media.

I have a secret to admit, I unfortunately find Erin Burnett good looking, so occasionally I'll watch her to see what the lame left is talking about. After getting it right about how the gunman used a shot gun she and her guest were talking about "high capacity" shot gun shells. They were actually talking about how the buck shot round "held 8 or 9 .38 special bullets" in each casing. Then went on to talk about restricting buck shot rounds because of the damage it caused.

These people are F-ING CRAZY! When will the maddness stop. I agree with Seymore Butts, enough with the PC crap. And for the teen facebook page, I'm at a lost for words except "Really".

Thanks for your continued writings.

I'm sitting here waiting for the first shot to be fired.
Revolt, Revolt, Revolt!

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, first I have to correct something: I'm not Brian. Brian is one of my regular readers who happens to post comments fairly regularly. You can call me Scribler, or Dearel or Hey you. Just wanted to clear that up because I think you've addressed me as Brian a couple of times.

As to the media, today's media is all about moving their mouths and has very little to do about studying their subject. And they all have to be the first one out so they almost always get it wrong...that I can almost is their continued ignorance even after they are given the facts that enrage me.