Monday, September 9, 2013

The Mouse That Roared, Part II; Siskiyou County Secedes From U.S.


The year was 1941.  A meeting of the County Board of Supervisors was held and widely attended by county residents.  Suffering under a Socialist Dictatorship in Washington D.C.,  Siskiyou County, California residents voted to secede from the United States.  Weary of ten years of a stagnant economy, a ten year Great Depression, angered beyond reason that an arrogant blowhard in Washington could insinuate himself so deeply into their everyday lives, Siskiyou residents voted to secede from the union.  
They declared "Jefferson" to be their new name, inspired by Thomas Jefferson's championing the merits of local governance and despising the corruption of big government.

Before a full secession could be completed the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and these hearty citizens opted to halt all secession efforts, believing that a defense if the homeland was more important at that moment.

Flash forward72 years.  Still another Socialist Dictator is worming his way into the personal lives of Americans.  Again Americans are enduring a great economic depression, made worse by a one-time community organizer who has never worked a job in his entire life.  Again angry, the folks from Siskiyou "town halled it" down to the county center.  Every citizen who wants a say stands up and pleads their case.  Libertarians at heart, these people just want to be left alone to make a living, raise their kids and lead the lives of free men.  On the 3rd of September, 2013, The County Board of Supervisors approve the secession of Siskiyou county from the American Republic!

You see, the folks up in Siskiyou have it pretty good.  Being libertarians, they tend to shy away from oppressive government at any level.  They enjoy raising cattle, fishing and hunting, the clean outdoor life and raising their kids in a safe and secure community.  They see no need for a thousand bureaucrats to administer big welfare programs, or build government palaces where they can visit to proclaim a state of victim hood and be issued a ticket to the great American federal gravy train!  Without the assistance of the EPA they own the cleanest, purest water in America; so pure that the Crystal Geyser Water Corporation just sends trucks up to collect the water and bottle it up without having to distill a drop of it!

The county of Siskiyou, and its 44,000 citizens will here to fore be the country of Jefferson.  The new Jeffersonians will likely face an army of federal prosecutors, led by the Socialist Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder.  Judges appointed long ago by Bubba Clinton will no doubt issue stays against the secession.  With liberal Oregon to their immediate north and the liberal bastions of San Francisco to their immediate south, the folks in Siskiyou are going to have a hard row to hoe.  

Never the less, that small pocket of rebellious patriots up in Siskiyou County deserve our praise and our encouragement.  If reinforcements are needed I volunteer this decrepit old body of mine to the cause.
Maybe those rascally malcontents up in Siskiyou will become the spark for ten thousand secession efforts across this great land.  Maybe Siskiyou will be the Bull Run of the second American Civil War!  

God bless the new Republic of Jefferson!  Long may she live courageous and free!

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Ken said...

Bad news on the Siskiyou front! All the land is systematically being bought up by land conservancies belonging to environmentalist groups and financed by UN money. Purchases of thousands of acres at a time and the land is quickly fenced and closed for human use. This is happening all over Kali right now, even in our great central valley, once thought to be the most productive growing region in the world now looks like a product of the dust bowl and slob mexican illegals. This is all being done under the guidelines provided for in "Agenda 21", but just ask most any kalifornian, what is agenda 21 and you'll be met with blank stares. We're done...