Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A $4.70 Cent Big Mac?


Well, the Wacko liberals in Sacramento have made it official.  Having failed to educate their young in their failing school system, they are now asking consumers to kick in even more by susbsidizing an increase in the minimum wage to $10 dollars per hour so that societal losers can actually achieve a living wage by squirting special sauce on a hamburger bun.  

The California Chamber of Commerce responded to the new law by announcing that they'll lay off 20% of their workforce and raise prices of goods and services by 20 percent in order to fund the mandatory wage increase.  The Fast Food Association announced that they'll also be raising prices by 20%.

Here in Arizona a single Big Mac sandwich costs $3.99.  I'm guessing California prices are comparable.  If you want fries and a coke with that the combo runs you $7.00 plus tax.  So, with the new California minimum wage mandates the price of a Big Mac sandwich escalates from $3.99 to $4.70 and the combo meal will rise to $8.40 cents.

I don't know about you but I'm not seeing value in giving MacDonalds nine bucks for a meal put together by a hormonal teenager or a career loser that is satisfied with slapping a soybeef patty between sesame seed buns the rest of his life.

Back when America still owned a work ethic fast food workers were teens who were using the fast food jobs as a first step into an eventually more productive career path.  However, given that 50% of high school graduates are now illiterate I guess the rote practice of "squirt, slap and wrap" is all they are qualified to do.

I just read some really sad statistics last week.  First, college enrollments for American citizens are dropping.  Not surprising with the literacy rates of high school graduates where college administrators are bemoaning the fact that 75% of high school graduates can't meet basic college entrance requirements.  

Taking up the slack in the American decline in college enrollments are the hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Indian students who now represent as many as 50% of student enrollment at our premier universities.

And, lest one doubts the soundness of this strategy, keep in mind that the proposed Senate Immigration 
bill provides for hundreds of thousands of employment visas for high skilled foreigners as well as an automatic visa attached to the diploma of foreigners who complete their education in America.  This will almost assure a life long fast food serfdom for the next generation of America's youth, as foreigners crowd out any opportunity they may have enjoyed under a working American education system.

Instead, after forking over hundreds of billions in property taxes, income taxes, school bonds, free Pell grants, costly remedial education programs, Americans are now asked to pay even more via hikes in consumer prices to subsidize an entire generation of societal losers.

And yet, in every state in this nation, the public education budget eats up over a third of all budget outlays...and the teachers unions continue to demand even more in pay and benefits.

I guess we "don't deserve a break today" as we pull up to the loudspeaker and ask for a reasonably priced Big Mac.  

Infinitely Sad.  Damned Sad.


Bill Long said...

the revolution is coming much sooner than the goverment thinks. and its going to start in the peoples republic of california.

A Modest Scribler said...

Can't come soon enough, Bill.

Anonymous said...

My son a Senior this year just turned 17. He works for McDonalds and just received his first check. At $8.25 an hour and having worked 23 hours he earned $189.75. He was excited thinking about how much he was "going" to make. Then reality hit when he received his check with a take home pay of $133.32. He knew there would taxes taken out, but the realization hit him hard. Just another one of lifes lessons.

I feel for the youth of today where there are adults taking the youths jobs away. Some adults have taken these jobs out of a necessity (bad economy), but most of the adults are illegals.

Hopefully our elected represenatives will pull there collective heads out of their asses here in Kalifornia.

Revolt, Revolt, Revolt!

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, I feel your pain...and your son's. But this will be good for him. I remember my first vote was for liberal George Mcgovern. Then I started a family, saw how much tax was being taken out of my paycheck...watched the food stampers who were no worse off than me..and decided liberals are not my kind of people.

I'm proud to see your son is working..every job has value and ever worker is honorable. He's on the right track so you are blessed...so many are not.