Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet Your Next First Lady


When Hillary Clinton was campaigning down in North Carolina back in 2008, the campaign hit a snag when reporters got wind of hubby Bill being caught a a hotel room with still another political bimbo.  Hillary was said to have told her confidantes "Bill's got two big problems...he can't keep his dick in his pants and he's a liar.  The former is a curse and the latter has been a blessing".  

I don't think I could better characterize the "Bill and Hillary Show".  When Bill was occupying the Oval Office it was Hillary who lusted after that kind of power.  Bill, meanwhile, had a problem with having such a lack of privacy that precluded his two-decade long "bimbo hunt".  So small were the pickings that Bill first tried to induce sex from a recent widow of one of his staffers.  When that failed Teflon Bill had to resort to exploiting 18 year old White House Interns.

So, it's going to be interesting when Hillary captures the Presidency and Bill becomes First Lady.  Every modern First Lady has adopted a cause to promote.   Nancy Reagan worked to keep kids off of drugs.  For Laura Bush it was literacy.  Michelle Obama has embraced childhood nutrition.  So what's Bill to do?

While Hillary is emasculating her male staffers, and answering that 3AM emergency call from some overseas American embassy, what shall Bill do to keep out of trouble?  Might he work to prevent early teen pregnancy?  Can you just see Bill traveling around to American classrooms and demonstrating how to use a condom...with or without the banana?

I don't know if that would be a good project for Bill.  I remember a survey someone ran a few years ago during the George W. Bush Presidency.  The survey asked parents who, between Bill and George, who they would most trust to baby sit their kids.  It was no surprise that over 90 percent of Republicans chose George Bush to babysit.  What was surprising was that over 80 percent of Democrats chose George over Bill.  So, Bill...please consider something else to champion; you seem to have little credibility on sex education.

Maybe Bill can assume responsibility for supervising the White House Interns...oh wait...perhaps not.


Brian Clancy said...

I actually laughed out loud when reading this, am so glad you haven't scaled back this blog as you suggested you might. Thanks again for getting my Saturday started properly. Still chuckling he he he.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, Brian! Glad you got a chuckle from my silliness.

Carol said...

Enjoyed this one over my morning coffee!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Hi Carol! Glad you enjoyed it. I just visited your blog and watch the video on good companies and bad companies. Sometime next week I'll be posting a blog entitled "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter"'s about how we alienate ourselves and how our new economy and new technology contributes to that alienation. Hope you enjoy it.