Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ignorance Not Always Bliss


Did you ever wonder how folks get picked to sit up on the podium,  behind Obama, when he mounts that teleprompter program and begins to read it?   Well, that little trick was revealed during Obama's 2012 campaign.  It seems the way it works is Obama's handlers show up well before the speech, takes a look at the crowd and begins culling a nice mix of old and young, Black, White, Asian and Hispanic, and most adoring, then leads them to those podium seats to complete scene as the Anointed One prepares to speak.

I was a bit amused to read that Obama's handlers had a bit of trouble filling those seats up on the stage on his last tour.  Both appearances took place at universities, normally a liberal bastion, peopled by naive future taxpayers..but not yet hurting from Obama's economic policies.  It seems that, at Obama's last great "college tour" few younger people wanted stage time with Obama, even in this age of "selfies".  

What happened between last November and mid-summer 2013?  It seems many of those young people have been poking around their state insurance exchanges and took a good look at what they'll be paying in Obamacare premiums in order to prop up the system.  And these young-uns didn't like what they saw!  $200 bucks a month!  No way, they cried!  Since young folks rarely go to the doctor, feel invincible, their immortality assured, they are angry beyond belief that they are being asked to subsidize old people and some 30 million welfare queens who are getting Obamacare for free!  And these college kids are talking to last year's seniors and finding more than half of them jobless and living with mom and dad.

Oh, the kids didn't mind shelling out $8 bucks a month so that Obama could buy votes with free welfare cell phones.  But the kids will be damned if they are going to subsidize some 250 pound Black woman's medical care after seeing her and her kids dining on Big Macs and fatback and collard greens and sucking down a 32 ounce Slurpee!


So how could these young folks be so angry about Obamacare only months after giving Obama 75 percent of the youth vote?  Well, it seems those same young people didn't know a damn thing about Obamacare, and what it might mean to them!  

That fact was sifted out from this week's Pew/USA TODAY Obamacare poll.

 It seems that nearly fifty percent of those youthful Obama voters were not even aware that they were forced to join the program and pay premiums!  This would seem almost improbable given Obama's massive and costly propaganda program touting the greatness of Obamacare...yet that was the fact!

Across all age groups 56% of Americans oppose the implementation of Obamacare, with opposition rising each week as new health care restrictions, oppressive government control and confusing regulations have stymied efforts to get a handle on how the program works.

Sadly, like so many of Obama's Socialist dictates, Obamacare is turning American against American.  Last week I was reading a message board that accompanied a story about Obamacare and the national obesity epidemic.  It wasn't pretty.  Some posters were advocating death sentences for smokers and fat people because it drove their own premiums higher as they were required to pay for some 30 million welfare queens for whom the government picks up the entire costs of Obamacare.

Many of those complaining were the young people; the ones least likely to visit a doctor in any given year.  And because of that they see little need to shell out $3,000 bucks a year just to pay the freight for Obama's largest block of voter support!  

As the poll revealed...they just didn't know!  Funny and ironic...those young folks gave Obama 75% of their vote last November, even as Romney promised to kill the program!  Ignorance is not always bliss!


Brian Clancy said...

Some life lessons are learned the hard way. Some life lessons have four year consequences. This socialist might actually create a large conservative voting block within this next generation of voters.

A Modest Scribler said...

Brian, if I were 30 years old I would say "great"..let them learn the hard way. But I'm 65 and my one big life goal these days is to live long enough to see Obama out of the White House and those liberal Dems crushed in the next election.

I hold little hope for the latter because there are an awful lot of women who want to see a woman President and Hillary fits the bill. If I live to see that day I'll finally surrender my country to the libs and walk away.