Saturday, September 14, 2013

Answering The Mail


Dear Reader,
I think I've said this before; I get about six times more comments that are sent directly to my email address than I get in the "posted comments" section of my blog.  Don't know why that is.  Maybe the writer believes their comments are more hard hitting when sent through email.  I don't need to tell you that the comments that come via email are mostly in opposition to my views and contain a level of vulgarity that I won't allow in the comments section.

And, by no means, are all the letters negative.  Some of my readers have become good coorespondence  friends and offer kudos for a blog that touched them in some way....and sometimes they offer their own ideas and opinions as well as suggest topics for future blogs.

Today's mail consisted a hurricane of protests about my blog "Obama; My Way Or The Highway.  Guess I riled more than my share of Obamanites as I pointed out that the "Anointed One" is violating the Constitution at every turn..and that we need to do something about it.  

To the lady from the Bay Area that called me a ignorant, arrogant racist who spreads hate, I wear your vulgarity with pride.  Whenever I get two lines of pure vulgarity, the entire argument lacking in point or substance, I know I've struck a liberal chord.

Once in a rare while I get a long, carefully thought out letter, written with clarity and point by point refutations of what I wrote.  I respect those who take the time to argue civilly, even if I disagree with everything they say.  It does place them head and heels above everything else I get from liberals.

The vast majority of emails from liberals are simply regurgitations of Obama's campaign slogans, a word for word aping of something Debbie Washerman Schultz said on last Sunday's Meet The Press, or the familiar liberal mantras uttered by every liberal every day of the year.  When I receive these I just respond with the lament that so many liberals are drinking the liberal Kool-Aid, who never provide proof for their points, which make their blathering as empty and meaningless as gruel emanating from a wooden dummy.

One letter writer spent extensive research time in finding every dirty word that has ever been uttered by western man.  Without regard to subject verb agreement, or any other rules of language, he was able to fill one complete page with vulgarity and never repeated himself.  

I rarely answer any of the emails that are negative because the writer rarely makes a point that requires an answer.  I almost always answer those who write to thank me for my efforts.

As to the frequent charge that my blog breeds hate and anger, I say you're half right.  I intend my blogs to spark anger.  I write these blogs with the intent to awaken America from a long slumbering apathy, even as our nation is tanking...and tanking rapidly.  If I can just touch a few people every day, cause them to pause and think, and, more importantly, goose them into calling their Congressional representatives, then it has all been worth it.  America has never needed citizen soldiers as much as they do now.

One last observation;  about 20 percent of my blogs are personal observations on the human condition, or about friends and family, are largely free of political issues, and don't get half of the page views of those angry political rants that I've been known to specialize in.  There is a great deal of anger out there and I'm trying to channel that anger toward responsive citizenship and legal civil disobedience.  Alas, as I've written often, I fear we are in for a bitter and violent 2nd Civil War....and all the politicians "fast talk", and all the punditry and all the blogs will no longer matter.  Sad.  Damned sad.

Finally, I have frequently extended an invitation for anyone to be a "guest blogger" on my blog, whether conservative, liberal or otherwise, as long as you are not trying to promote a product or service.  Just write your blog and send it to my email address.  I will not edit or change your blog in any way..but will print it exactly as received.

Very Truly Yours, 

The Modest Scribler


Old Bob said...

Thank you!
Kool-Aid rots the mind as well as the teeth.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thank you Bob. I gave up Kool-Aid about the same time I gave up marbles...(for the old fogies who know what they are!)...:)