Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sneak Peek At Obamacare? See VA Care


Would you like a little sneak peek at what Obamacare is going to look like when all the fat ass bureaucrats have settled in nicely to managing our nation's healthcare?  Well, all you need to do is look at the Veterans Hospitals.

For the last five years Veterans awaiting hospital care has soared.  Our Veterans returning home from the Middle East with severe injuries are waiting up to six months just to get an appointment.  At some VA hospitals the wait is even longer.  And when a veteran does secure admission to a VA health facility he is just as likely to die as to be properly treated.

Just two weeks ago we learned that the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh were responsible for giving five veterans Legionaires Disease.  When the families first started investigating the VA denied any responsibility.  Just like for 20 years the government denied responsibility for Agent Orange and hundreds of thousands of veteran deaths.  And what action was taken against the Pittsburgh VA hospital?  The director was given a $63,000 dollar annual bonus.

At the St. Louis VA hospital tens of thousands of veterans were exposed to the HIV/Aids virus because the dental facility there didn't think it necessary to clean and sterilize dental equipment for a bunch of old veterans.  That director received $263,000 dollars in bonuses.

A few years ago here in Phoenix the VA hospital was neglecting patients to the extent that patients were left for hours sitting in a wheel chair out on a patio.  With temperatures as high as 115 degrees these old vets sat out there without food or water.  Other vets at that facility lay in bed for days without regular nursing checkups, many of them suffering skin infections from lying in their own urine and excrement.  

Nationwide, veterans with severe injuries are waiting for months to get into a VA hospital only to find when they do get in they may have been better off at home.    Apparently, the VA medical staffs have never heard the phrase "Physician, Do No Harm".  

Despite the horrible conditions at so many VA hospitals, despite the long waits for care, VA hospital directors are being paid millions of dollars in bonuses.   A few weeks ago the Congress, in an attempt to look like they cared, and would do something about it, held hearings with the Director of Veterans Affairs.  When he was asked if would continue to approve these bonuses despite the terribly inefficiencies in VA hospitals, he said he would!

Perhaps the biggest scam of American taxpayers is the fact that more than half of all Veterans are not eligible for VA care at all!  In 1996 President Clinton implemented "means testing" for VA care.  If by some stroke of fortune a veteran was making more than $24,000 a year he or she is denied VA care as it is primarily for the indigent now.

So when you hear Obama's heart felt promise to take care of our returning vets, when you heard it from Bush or Clinton, take all that schmaltz with a grain of salt.  As our vets come home with severe injuries after fighting for their country, they'll fight even harder just to get a chance to see a VA doctor.

If you want to see what Obamacare is going to look like when Big Government has crushed all the employer health plans, when hospitals will be forced to submit to government dictates, when federal bureaucrats decide who gets to see a doctor, and when, just look at the VA hospitals....a nightmare just waiting to happen.

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Seymore Butts said...

This VA problem angers me beyond words, there is NO excuse for it. Part of me is eagerly awaiting the next civil war, just to have the chance to mame and disfigure a few of the govt. people responsible for such haenous behavior.