Monday, September 23, 2013

"Molon Labe"


In the 5th Century B.C. King Leonidas of Sparta, at the beginning of the Battle of Thermopylae, was met on the battlefield by an overwhelming Persian force led by  Field Commander Xerxes.  When Xerxes demanded a Spartan surrender, King Leonidas messaged back "Come and get it"...meaning come and take our weapons.

The undermanned Spartans would lose that battle and die on the field of battle.  But they didn't make it easy for the Persians.  The battle lasted three days and the undermanned Spartans killed an awful lot of Persians before it was all over.  And, as the Persians licked their many wounds, the people of Athens were able to evacuate that city and spared the Greeks a blood bath.

As Obama and his liberal cohorts have tried to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans, making every effort to confiscate our guns, our citizens have adopted that ancient Greek phrase Molon Labe.. "come and get it"...

But the phrase "Molon Labe" means so much more to me.  In an era when so many Americans have surrendered their pride, and their very soul, for a government check, it says "I will not surrender my God given natural rights for security."  It says that even if traditional American values are no longer in vogue, I will continue to embrace them because they were instilled in me by my forefathers; the giants who walked this land and built it and led it to unparalleled peace and prosperity.  It says that no matter how many desecrate the image of my creator, I will stand by what He instilled in my heart at first breath.

"Molon Labe" means that a huge oppressive government with an entire army of bureaucrats shall not force me into surrender.  Nor will the armies of America, or through the intervention of the United Nations into American affairs, the armies of the world ever force me into submission.  

"Molon Labe" means that my political philosphies will not change, will not bend to the winds of what is in vogue at the moment.  No matter the size of the force of my critics will I submit to the assembly line killings of millions of babies in the name of convenience.  No matter how many sanction the breeching of our nation's borders I will stand by the laws of the land, written long ago when justice and morality still had meaning.

"Molon Labe" means that I am stronger when I stand on my own two feet and not propped up and clinging to the skirts of an oppressive, all powerful Mother Government.  It means that, given the freedom to do so, I can create a better life for me and mine and Big Government will never know my children as well as I do....."it takes a village to stay out of my life".

"Molon Labe" has been used by military leaders on many occasions; most often when their armies are overwhelmed, with little hope for victory.  The most recent variation was offered on the night of 22 December 1944.  General Anthony McAulliffes's 101st Airborne Division was surrounded by German forces in the city of Bastogne.  The German general sent McAuliffe a demand that he surrender or have his entire Division annihilated, citing the many German forces in the area.  McAuliffe angrily took the note, crumbled it up and threw it into a fireplace, exclaiming "Nuts!".  When the German messenger demanded a response McAuliffe had his aide type up that one word response; "nuts!".  When the German general received the note he was confused by the phrasing.  He called for a translator who said "he's telling you to go to hell"...

Fortunately, the 101st Airborne held out until reinforcements arrived two days later.  McAuliffe's position was further strengthened when General Patton swift marched his troops to Bastogne, arriving on Christmas day and sent the Germans scurrying for cover.  "Molon Labe, baby"...said with a simple "Nuts!"

Molon Labe is not a celebration of victory; instead it is a celebration of of personal integrity, of bravery in the face of certain defeat.  It says "your superior forces may defeat me but I will fight to the death for what I believe in, and, long after my death, the strength of my spirit will live long after I am vanquished"

So, for my libertarian friends, my conservative friends, my moderate friends; take heart...there are many like us.  Folks who still know what is right and wrong and live by those beliefs.  Folks who have no voice amidst the screeching liberal rhetoric, but will stand and fight when the time comes, when words are merely empty utterings.  Folks who value work and know the dangers of sloth.  Folks who still remember and still value the Constitution of these United States.  

When the time comes that we must fight, let us all stand tall and strong and brave, even in the face of an overwhelming enemy.  Let us raise our swords as they glint in purity under a noon day sun, and say to our enemy "Molon Labe; Come and Take Them!"


Brian Clancy said...

Must be the cooler temperature this morning, I've got goose bumps.

A Modest Scribler said...

Couldn't ask for a better compliment, Brian.