Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Argh!...It's AARP!"

Good morning folks,

If any of you have been lucky enough to reach the "half-century" mark you have been getting junk mail from AARP.  Knowing what I do of this organization I quickly toss their 'pimp' letters into the trash.  Which is where they belong.

I can remember years ago when my mom first started getting these "join us" mailings.  At that time they probably were a good "Association for the Advancement of Retired People (AARP)".  Probably started out as a group of older people with the intention to group together to protect and promote the rights of older people.  They were hugely successful, so much so that, today, AARP is a huge conglomerate that rakes in billions in commissions for promoting auto, home and life insurance, hospital insurance, car-buying and all manner of other commercial enterprises.  They get kickbacks and commissions for anything they can sucker an old person into buying. 

AARP is now in bed with Congress so thoroughly that their prime concern is no longer old people but making sure Congress preserves and protects their many commercial endeavors. 

This is no more evident than their recent support of Obamacare.  One of the provisions of Obamacare is that, to fund the free healthcare for 40 million blood-sucking Americans who refuse to budget and pay healthcare premiums, the government will steal $500 billion dollars from Medicare, which was paid in by seniors over their lifetimes, to pay for those who didn't pay and won't pay for their own healthcare premiums!  Keep in mind that $500 billion dollars is one third of Medicare funding!  Also, keep in mind that this $500 billion dollars that came from Medicare taxes is in addition to the $333 billion already being spent on Medicaid from the general fund!

Now the news comes today that AARP has jumped in bed with the politicians on cutting Social Security!  How's that for an organization that purports to support the interests of retired people?

I've always thought "AARP" was a poor acronym for an organization.  It resembles the sound one might make when up-chucking a spoiled hamburg you ate at that greasy spoon diner down the street.  Unfortunately, it also best describes the sounds I make when that AARP mailer arrives every week.

Anyone dumb enough to pay those AARP dues, even as they are working against you, deserves what they get.  AARP is "behind you" but, surprise, surprise, they're back there getting ready to "ream you a new one".

Be aware and be afraid....and quit giving those damn carpetbaggers your money.  Let em earn it from Hertz and those Diabetes pump concerns.


AArp life insurance said...

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Ken said...

Sadly, my Mother, 88 years old, still thinks they're great. When I tell her all the rotten things they are doing and tell her they are nothing more than a self serving lobbyist group, but lobbying for who, I don't know. She tells me I'm just being paranoid and I watch too much FOX news. I think AARP is very aware of the loyalty of these old folks and are abusing it at every turn. Oh how I despise people who do such things. There are just way too many of them.
Thanks, maybe she'll listen to you.

Anonymous said...

If my dad is any indicator, many older people will support any organization that gives them a few discounts here and there. Penny wise and pound foolish.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yep, anon...if your dad only knew how much AARP is helping Obama wipe out the Medicare trust fund he's realize those little discounts are costing him a bundle.

Anonymous said...

Brian Kalifornia
Sad, Damned Sad
Your didn't end your writing with that statement. If ever that statement was appropriate, this is it. When you abuse, deceive or take advantage of our elderly, that is Sad, Damned Sad. I agree with your analogy with AARP, they are Snake Oil salesmen. I don't know who benifits from their flap jackery but it's not the people they are pimping their wares to. Unfortunately, our elderly are easy prey.
Im sitting here waiting for the first shot, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt!

Let's get our country back!