Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Is America Finally Ready To Tell Obama "No?"


Has slumbering America finally awakened to the grand fraud that is Barack Obama?  It would certainly seem so.  Personally, I haven't seen a President ignored this much since the last year of the Jimmy Carter Administration; by the time Carter was wrapping up his last year the American people were laughing at his "American Malaise" speech and absolutely in hysterics when seeing the famous photo of Jimmy fending off an attacking rabbit with a boat oar.

No laughs for Obama these days; the times are far too dreary for humor.  Instead, America seems to have finally recognized that they made a huge mistake in re-electing a man-child without a smidgeon of leadership talent.  Instead they find the man child shedding  responsibility or blame faster than a wolf-hound in summer.  

Perhaps worse, America has tuned out Barack Obama.  His Rose Garden speeches and his Great American College Tours have lost their luster.  The only ones still listening to Obama is his adoring mainstream liberal media and even they are showing signs of jumping ship.

What caused Obama's demise with fully 40 months remaining in his second term?  This President seems to have entered lame duck status in record time.

Has America finally tired of the hemming and hawing and awkwardness of an Obama when he's away from his teleprompter?  Was it Obama's "the sky is falling" speeches back in January when the Sequestration budget cuts went into effect?  Some nine months later there are no children being turned away from pre-school, or begging for food on the side of the road.  In fact, other than Obama's cancellation of White House tours for school children, there has been little impact with budget cuts that were small but desperately needed.

It is becoming clear that America is now turning a deaf ear to Obama.  Could Barry's credibility be questioned because of his $100 million dollar Africa Safari for he and Michelle and kids and mother-in-law, while millions are suffering?  Or his elbow rubbing with the rich at Martha's Vineyard?  Or the special airplane dispatched to the White House to ferry dog Bo and Barry's basketballs to the Vineyard?

Last week we got the jobs data.  The unemployment rate actually declined to 7.3 percent but not a word was uttered to pimp the drop.  Could it have been that an accompanying jobs report showed the reason for the drop was still another drop in the Labor Participation rate as more and more Americans just stopped looking for work?  That Labor Participation rate dropped below 63 percent, the lowest rate since Jimmy Carter held office.  We also saw the loss of millions of full time jobs as employers continued to reduce work hours to less than 30 per week in order to get around Obamacare mandates.

Even Obama's foreign policy initiatives are proving to be abject failures.  Two years ago Obama promised America an"Arab Spring" as all those Middle East leaders were overthrown.  Alas, those who took their places were even worse, burning American flags and Christian churches, persecuting 
Christians and murdering our diplomats.  Obama's "love thy Muslim" foreign policy has failed miserably as the radical Muslims Obama embraced turned their back on him.

Now, after being testicular challenged for five years, Obama last week did a little saber rattling in a vain attempt to raise his credibility quotient.  He proposed doing a little "mini-strike" against Syrian leaders.  The British heard his call for help and the British Parliament gave Obama a resounding "no".  The other Nato countries have responded with similar "no's".  Only Obama's Socialist pal in France has agreed to participate in air strikes that are certain to have little impact.  Even Obama's Military Chief of Staff pulled a "Judas" on him when he responded to Congress with a shrug of his shoulders when asked about the wisdom or efficiency of an air attack.

For the last couple of years Republicans have been attacked as the "party of no" by Obama's legion of supporters.  Alas, even his supporters are beginning to desert him in droves.  Hispanics are disgusted by Obama's failure to amnesty 20 million illegals.  This was an election debt left unpaid.  Now, both Democrats and Republicans are questioning the wisdom of bombing Syria.  Perhaps, sensing Obama's weakness as he hemmed and hawed, drew Red Lines, then denied drawing them, promised swift military action, then withdrawing it.   And then last week we found Obama looking for someone to share the blame.  He then decided to consult Congress before taking any action...trying desperately to find someone to share the blame should limited military action have no effect on Syria's wrong doings.

Most devastating were all the emails, letters and phone calls from the American people...folks who are strongly opposed to doing anything at all...and perfectly content to allow Muslims to kill each other off with wild abandon.  Congressional leaders said the calls were 96 to 1 against Obama's strike proposal.

Alas, the American people waited just a bit too long to tell Obama "no".  They should have done so last November 6th.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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