Friday, September 6, 2013

Obama; Re-Writing History


Anyone under 50 is unlikely to recognize the name Christine Jorgensen.  Jorgensen, previously known as "George", was notorious in newspaper headlines in the 1950's as she became a pioneer in the sex change trade.  In early 1951, before American plastic surgeons recognized the profit in growing breasts...or hacking them off, or growing penises, or hacking them off,  George Jorgensen set off for Denmark for a sex change operation.  She returned to America, sans penis, and began calling herself Christine.

That one sensational story sparked a boom in a strange brew of "human modifications" in both Denmark and Sweden.

Alas, the other day we learned our own President has opted for a little "elective surgery" during his stopover in Sweden on his "can't I get an ally?" tour of Europe.  After stopping by the Nobel Institute to thank them once again for awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama then detoured to an exclusive medical clinic to have his memory banks erased.  After an hour or so in the recovery room, Obama then mounted a public podium in Stockholm and denied he had ever established a "red line"that the Syrian regime was not to cross.  That red line was chemical weapons, and some eight months ago Obama had hitched up his pants, strode out to the White House Rose Garden and told reporters his administration would not tolerate the use of chemical weapons, and promised swift military action against Assad and his cohorts should they ever decide to cross that "red line".

Fast forward to the summer of 2013.  Assad is is lobbing chemical weapons into rebel crowds in Damascus.  Women and children are puking up their guts, their bodies jerking in violent seizures as that nasty chemical brew is absorbed into their bodies.  

Obama is briefed by the State Department and the CIA as he's packing his Michael Jordans, enroute to Martha's Vineyard to rub elbows with movie stars and the rich elite.  Nothing is said about that "red line" and nothing is done.   After two weeks of golf and bike riding and excursions into town for ice cream cones, Obama returns to the White House.  Again, he's given briefings on Syrian hospitals overflowing with folks with exploding intestines and purple faces.  A look of concern crosses Obama's face as he laces up his golf shoes and heads out to the South Lawn, to be helicoptered out to the golf course.

Then, as the ugly videos of Syrians being wrapped in linen and buried in mass graves begins to appear on the nightly news Obama finally instructs his Defense Secretary to prepare plans for an air strike.  DOD quickly conjures up attack plans, begins moving men and materiel, moves ships strategically throughout the area, then signals "ready" to the Commander in Chief.  After months of tarrying, a full week after DOD has declared "mission ready", Obama changes his mind and decides to wait until Congress that at least one other branch of government can share the blame should things not go as planned.

So then, it's off to Stockholm where Obama uses his pull with the Nobel Institute to secure a no notice appointment with a doc that could scour his brain and clear his memory banks.

And so, with great sincerity, Obama stands before a crowd of Swedes, every Swedish ear cocked to hear what their Peace Prize winner has to say about setting, then failing to enforce his own "red line".  Obama, hems and haws, consults his teleprompter, then utters the words "I never set a red line"...and besides the pressure is on Congress and our European allies, not me!"

America...can any of us be surprised?  After all this is the same guy who completely erased the wondrous accomplishments of a James Madison, of John Adams, of at least one Roosevelt, of a 
Reagan, and declared himself one of the four best Presidents in history...and deserving of a spot on Mount Rushmore!    This is the same fella that completely erases three decades of Black violence in favor of one Black thug who could have been his son.  This is the same Barack Obama who transitions Martin Luther King, evangelist, Republican, into a gay loving abortionist!

Barack Obama has been caught in so many lies in the last five years, he finally decided on a Stockholm memory bank that he could deny with conviction anything said, anything pledged, anything promised.

Re-Writing history...even as our world falls apart before our very eyes.

Sad.  Damned sad.


Brian Clancy said...

While I have no desire for America to become involved in a Syrian civil war, I believe you have to be a person of your word ( ommited man deliberately ). Consistency in leadership is key to international respect, which Ojackass seems to be lacking in ( consistency and respect ). I fear we will become entrenched in yet another Muslim conflict in which a current regime will be replaced by a unknown and probably equally evil entity. And in the end more Americans will end up hurt or dead. I'd love nothing more than to live in a world with no evil, but in lieu of that how about we just let Muslims kill each other and get America back on track.

A Modest Scribler said...

hi Brian,
As I wrote the other day, I agree with the "let em kill each other off strategy. My point with Obama and his "red line" is that, like the man child he is, he's always making threats or promises or pledges, then having to back off of them...his credibility both here and overseas is zero.

And it's not limited to foreign policy; I could laundry list a score of promises he made, then fail to keep them.

I must say his saying he had never set a "red line" shows a lot of hutzpah...and I guess the liberal mainstream fawning media are not going to jack him up on it.