Saturday, September 7, 2013

Obama "My Way Or The Highway"


Last week Barack Hussein Obama began a more aggressive circumvention of the Constitution by issuing still more unconstitutional executive directives, directing ICE to relax even further their enforcement of our nation's illegal immigration laws.  Not content to wait for a Congressional debate and vote on the issue, Obama ordered a "cease and desist" from arresting illegal aliens who may be the chief breadwinner for a child, regardless of whether those children are American citizens or not.  That pretty well gives amnesty to eight or ten million illegal Mexicans because they breed large families for a purpose; those huge child tax credits worth thousands...and an entry into the welfare system, WIC, Section 8 housing vouchers, etc, because of their so-called legal status.  So basically Obama has told Congress, and America to go to hell; he's giving them all a free pass...from our emperor!  Worse, I'll bet you there are millions of Mexicans packing their bags for America, with kids in tow so they get blanket amnesty from Obama!  Anyone still trust him to enforce the illegal immigration laws in this new bill?

In June, 2012 Obama issued an illegal executive order granting amnesty to over two million illegal "dreamers".  The order was so clearly unconstitutional that scores of sheriff and police departments across the country have refused to comply.  They rightly argue that only Congress can pass legislation and accuse Obama of overstepping his authority.  Obama was livid that these law enforcement agencies had refused to comply with his order.  He then turned to his Attorney General, Eric Holder, and his Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano and ordered ICE not to accept any illegal arrested and turned over to ICE for deportation.  Due to overcrowded county jails and state prisons, our law enforcement agencies have no choice but to turn these criminals over to ICE, where they are now released back into the community on their own recognizance.  One exception to that practice has been Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.  After being told ICE would no longer accept illegal criminals for deportation he stated "fine, I have plenty of room in my tent city jail to accommodate them...after all, Arizona is continuing to enforce our immigration laws".  What's another set of pink underwear and a baloney sandwich?

We have seen Obama play the role of "emperor king" for five years now.  He has habitually employed his "czars' to circumvent Congress time and time again.  Whether it be immigration laws, cap and trade energy taxes, EPA mandates, "early out" for hard core criminals, or Obamacare, Obama has demonstrated a pathological arrogance that threatens every facet of American life.

America could take a lesson from a line in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"...Cassius in contemplating the loyalty Brutus owes to Julius Caesar, offers "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, we are the underlings".  

So a truth emerges, about another would be dictator, another self appointed "emperor" some 2,000 years after Caesar.  Like Caesar, Barack Hussein Obama must be stopped before he destroys the greatest Republic in the history of man.  

If Congress can't muster the courage to impeach this pathological egoist it is up to us, the "underlings" to do so.  No man is above the law...and no elected official is excused from enforcing our nation's laws.