Thursday, September 12, 2013

Will The D.C. Bikers Be America's Saviors?


I had tears in my eyes and chills down my spine yesterday as I watched Virginia State troopers hailing the bikers as they rode toward D.C.  Then I lost it when I saw that Marine standing in the middle of the street, saluting the bikers as they passed his position.

Main Street America is yearning for a return of our traditional values, the values that made us special, no matter how many times Obama tells Muslims that we are not any more special than any other nation.
Americans are longing for America to come back home; for our corporations to cease fleeing to more tax favorable locales and bring those jobs back home.  We want our brave military men and women to come home from the Middle East and protect our own borders and harbors.  We want an "American President" and not someone who goes overseas, tears us down, and sounds more like he's running for the President of the U.N. rather than America.

So, yesterday, as the much publicized "million Muslim march" fizzled into a few hundred wandering the streets, our D.C. bikers motored by the millions into our nation's capital.  To remind our leaders that we honor our military and our first responders, and don't like our national values being surrendered to an "internationalism" that denies a century and a half of American exceptionalism.

Will these biker patriots finally shatter the national apathy that has plagued America for much of this new century?  These bikers "showed the flag" in numbers unprecedented in modern times.  Will their initiative and their courage inspire Americans to demand an end to the creeping destructive liberalism that infests our society.  Will the bikers serve as a spark that ignites a new American revolution?  A revolt that throws out the hundreds of politicians already so corrupted by greed and a lust for power that  they are no longer capable of representing us?

Will those two million bikers inspire 30 million Americans to stand up, seek employment and show disdain for an administration that has worked mightily to bribe as many of us as they can with food stamps, welfare and unemployment checks and "free" medical for all?

Time will tell...but yesterday if felt good to be "America" again.  I would be immensely pleased to see America live for the collective happiness of our nation...and not for the occasional satisfaction of Michelle Obama, who is only not shamed by America when her emperor hubby is winning elections.


Tony Medrano said...

As long as the liberals are in charge, this country is doomed. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the media has reported much more about the muslim march. We have hardly heard anything on the million biker march. The media refuses to report on anything that has to do with what americans really want. Who cares about muslims execpt muslims?

A Modest Scribler said...

Tony, that's why when the second American Civil War starts the first thing that will be taken out is every source of liberal propaganda, whether it be newspaper, magazine, radio or television.

The first to come crumbling down will be 30 Rockefeller Center, home of NBC and MSNBC.

The mainstream media has been nothing but a propaganda machine for THE LIBERAL ELITES.

Bill Long said...

there has never been a first civil war in this country. it was a war started by the usa against the conf. states of america.

Bill Long said...

there has never been a first civil war in this country. it was a war started by the usa against the conf. states of america.

A Modest Scribler said...

Bill, while I know the South calls it "the war of northern aggression", I can only remind you that the first shot was fired by the South on Ft Sumpter.

I've read your admonition about this on a couple of other blogs..but I'm sorry...have to disagree with you on this one.

Ken said...

I love your tribute to the Americans who went to Washington, I didn't here a thing about it here in the SF Bay area, but that is to be expected. I wonder where all those people are??

A Modest Scribler said...

Im only sorry the Bay area didn't give it much coverage, Ken. It was magnificent!

Don't hear from you much anymore so I'm hoping you are well.