Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why So Many Don't "Get" The Tea Party


A wide swath of American society just do not "get" the Tea Party.  At first I just thought it was because so many are ignorant.  But I've come to believe it's because our national morality has declined so precipitously that they no longer understand anyone who would place principle over popularity or career success..or "being cool".  

So many moderates and most Democrats choose to demonize the Tea Party while knowing so little about it.  They call them racists, while failing to see thousands of Hispanics and Blacks and Asians marching in those Tea Party rallies.

They demonize 2nd amendment advocates because they fail to see the tyranny of big government, even as Obama and company used the NSA to spy on them, the Justice Department to intimidate the media and the IRS to suppress legal and proper dissent!

And so many of the immoral are ignorant of how government works.  They fail to draw a correlation between our founding fathers who were also called terrorists and radicals; the same Washington and Jefferson and Adams who are hailed around the world for the fight they mounted and for promoting the idea that God, and not government, grants us our natural rights.  The Tea Party wants no more than those rights granted by God.   

Oh, sure it's easy to find a few far right loonies; cretins who spout all manner of wild eyed theories...but it is just as easy to find those same loonies on the far left!  And yet, the ignorant and immoral among us will jump on the first crazy uttering and paint all conservatives with the same broad brush.

The Tea Party knows too well that this government has become too big, too oppressive, and far too expensive.  The Tea Party also knows that corruption in Washington is rampant, in both parties.  Thus one sees John McCain changing philosophies as often as he changes clothes, one who is open to compromise because he holds no firm principles.  The Democrats are worse for they embrace that corruption and thrive on an electorate as ignorant, as illiterate, as lazy as it has ever been.

The Tea Party believes in helping the truly needy, the old, the sick...they just want to stop the massive fraud, waste and abuse in a system that rewards gamers and politicians at the expense of our future generations.

The Tea Party has no problem paying long as those taxes are spent wisely.

The Tea Party knows that Obamacare will be our national undoing, as an already oppressive big government takes over fully a third of our entire economy.  And the Tea Party will always ask the question "please name one government agency that is run efficiently and without massive fraud, waste and abuse?" what makes you think an even larger bureaucracy will be any different?

So yesterday those 80 or so Tea Party Congressmen, along with a handful of Tea Party Senators, stood up and voted to defund Obamacare, to delay it for a year so that we might have more time to evaluate before we become its servant.  They voted "for" a budget, essentially all that the Democrats asked for, but without Obamacare a part of it all.

So next week the Democrats will get on their high horse, stick their noses in the air, and point to those Tea Party terrorists who shut the government down.  Allied with an overwhelmingly liberal main stream media, they will no doubt win the war of propaganda.  They'll trot out a soldier who didn't get his pay (and fail to acknowledge that the House passed a bill restoring military pay after the Dems in the Senate included the military in their martyrdom.)

Just as they did with Sequestration, the Dems, with Obama in the lead, will retch and cry about the damage to the nation with half of all those $150,000 dollar a year federal workers idle (officially this time, as opposed to their normal work day).  

Folks, the Republicans are not going to win this one.  They will be blamed for every inconvenience  that plays out in ten thousand cities.  Those radical Tea Party folks will accrue further rue...all because most folks these days wouldn't know principle from principal...

But thank God we still have a few people in Washington with the courage of their convictions.  They will surely incur hate and scorn from the great unwashed masses of those on the government take in one form or another.  

But being a minority does not make you wrong...and being outnumbered is of no consequence if you have the courage to face your enemy.

Molon Labe..."come and get them"....your courage will be remembered long after the mice have marched off the cliff.


Craig said...

The truth once again, well put.I have dealt with the fallout from sticking to my principles over being liked and I sleep well every night.

BlueMax said...

People are so dumbed down, that they just don't get it...they don't understand what they are seeing going on right in front of their face. How the federal government is at war with the people and the States. The Feds won't let Arizona enforce immigration laws, They tell Boeing where they can build their planes and are suing Louisiana over school vouchers. The majority of the people don't want ObamaCare, but too bad. The majority want immigration reform, but not amnesty, but too bad. The majority don't want to give up their guns, but our government wants them, so too bad. The government now runs the people. The Tea Party is trying to open the peoples eyes, but I think it is too late, for now.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for your comments, BlueMax...I still hold out hope that America will wake up and see the Tea Party as their savior..and not their foe.

Anonymous said...

Brian Kalifornia
I scratch my head every time I hear someone bad mouth the "Tea Party" on how they're racist, unAmerican...blah blah. I'll ask them if they want smaller government, pay less taxes, a fiscally responsible governmet, Constitutional rights preserved and so on. They answer "yes" to all of those. I tell them they have the same views as the Tea Party members.

But you have the libtard media in the bag for obummer and company, his big political propaganda machine. This is why the people are blinded by their BS. I hope people wise up to this Regime's antics.

Revolt, Revolt, Revolt!

Ken said...

Just saw this one, very well done, Mr Modest. I just saw all five or six installments on the "80's". It was a very well done documentary that really points to everything that is wrong today. It seems to all come from the '80's. We stopped growing and learning right there. All need to emotionally mature or accept responsibility for anything much less for our own selves stopped right there. The mall wins out over infant mortality. All morality at least a mature version of it ended there and the list goes on. It looks mostly like the advent of the PDA or personal computer and Madonna are to blame. In any event we are done for.