Thursday, August 1, 2013

Black Marriage; When The Green Flows, Pappy Goes


The Black "fomenters", the Sharptons and Jacksons and, yes, Barack himself, have suffered some from White "blowback", the citing of numerous Black culture failures that lead to the Black "12 per centers" who hog nearly half of every welfare dollar, the 97% Black on Black crime rate, and the 50% of all prison felons being Black.   All of these statistics are explained away by liberals by simply declaring all Blacks victims of "Whitey".  None of that is true of course.  However, the great irony is that Whites are responsible for one huge Black cultural failure...the Black marriage rates.

Liberals have been running around with their hair on fire for the last three weeks as social scientists attribute the astounding 75% of Black families without a father at home as a huge factor in the breakdown of Black communities.   The Obamas and Pelosis of this world have been scratching their heads, walking round and round the problem, trying to explain this one away.  Typically, being unable to ever add two and two and come up with "four", liberals are flustered by all those Black families that don't have a daddy around.

The rest of us need only go back and look at the hard facts; statistics show that, in 1960, 75% of Black families enjoyed the presence of a father, just about the same rate as White families enjoyed then, and still do today.  So what happened between 1960 and now?  What cataclysmic event occurred that decimated the structure of Black families?  

Boys and girls, the "grand mal" that broke up Black families was none other than Lyndon Johnson's Great Society program, that big government set of programs that underwrote failure, the programs that created three generations of "victims", sanctioned by the state to suck from the public tit forever.  Those programs set up a whole set of incentives and rewards for breeding children; the more kids you have the bigger the welfare check...with one caveat...better not have a daddy at home if you want the loot!

So, beginning in 1965 it became both fashionable, and profitable to collect a whole bunch of kids, with numerous "fathers" adorning the birth certificate, and reaping the big government rewards for an overactive sex life and an under active set of morals.  The average family of six on welfare is drawing over $60,000 dollars a year in welfare, public housing, medicaid, food stamp cards, etc.  That doesn't include the $10,000 hospital bill each time she downloads another welfare unit.

Before Johnson's Great Society both government and society expected fathers to support the children they bred.  Back then, if a woman walked into a welfare office to ask for aid, the first paper she signed was a warrant for the arrest of the deadbeat father.   That proscription went away with the implementation of the great poverty programs.

So Blacks have learned that lesson well; "when the green flows, the pappy goes".  And with him, any sense of responsibility for raising children who honor our laws, who value education, or even have any respect for themselves.  

The facts are out there.  Sadly, Blacks will never admit it; to do so would require taking responsibility for their massive cultural failures.  And liberals will never admit it; to do so would mean surrendering their power to keep Blacks on the liberal plantation..and securing the Black vote.

Besides, then Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson..and yes, even Barack would be out of a job.


An Average American said...

This has been a well known fact for 40 yrs. The Feds first of many ways to increase government size and make a race of citizens FOREVER dependent upon the government.

TheOldMan said...

Go to the website, search on Moynihan, read his report "The Negro Family in Crisis" (something like that), and you will know everything. Then change Negro and black to Caucasian and white and you will see the future as well.