Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Germ Warfare; Sudden Death Overtime

Bacteriologists have warned us for three decades now that we are cleaning ourselves to death.  Death by soap suds and inoculations.  They have warned us repeatedly that we are slowly destroying our own immune system, all in a quest to be "healthy and happy".

Now, everybody who paid attention during that 8th grade Science class surely remembers that human beings need exposure to a wide array of contagions in order for our body to become exposed to them, then go about the process of building immunity to them.

But, aside from those cretins who go the bathroom and emerge without washing their hands, most of us are in trouble in this regard.  We eat organic, we own a utility shelf laden with twenty or thirty anti-bacterials that are supposed to keep us healthy but, in fact, often do the opposite.  We wage germ warfare in our kitchen by destroying not only deadly e-coli, but many other forms of bacteria that we need exposure to in order for our body to prepare a specific defense against them.  

Perhaps, worse, we tend to ignore the harmful effects of all these synthetic chemicals as we ingest "unnatural" chemicals which are concocted to destroy bacteria that are beneficial for the build up of the immune system.  

Now, no one is arguing that we ought to regress a century and live in disease ridden hovels, or consume poorly processed food.  Our health experts assert that a rise in the standards of cleanliness is as responsible for our living longer as are the rapid progress we achieved in advanced medicines and medical techniques. 

However, as in everything else in life, we probably have gone too far in achieving "squeaky cleanliness".  Hell, in every phase of our lives we have gone overboard, much to the extent that many of us are willing to play a little "freedom roulette" in lieu of the massive and oppressive controls Big government is exerting into our every day lives.

Witness the silliness of removing snack machines from the schools, mandating calorie count signs at fast food restaurants, imposing "premium punishment" in our healthcare policies, according to what Big Government deems an inappropriate lifestyle.  Make smokers social pariahs, limit soda cups to 16 ounces, persecute expectant mothers if they indulge in a glass of wine at dinner.  Hell, the ultimate lifestyle Nazi, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, has just mandated that landlords expend millions to re-model their stair wells so that NYC high rise denizens can climb 20 sets of stairs to reach their abode, thus enhancing their aroebic fitness!

Americans of the liberal ilk have even taken on hard science!  Even as they ally themselves with science to disprove the existence of God, they readily fight against Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest.  Liberals absolutely adore the concept of losing, of failure.  They coddle the lazy and unproductive and set them out to graze on the liberal plantation of keeps them in power!  

And, to ease, the pain or embarrassment of losing in competition, liberals have embraced the mandatory trophy or blue ribbon as a reward for failure.  These liberal lords have taken losing and failure to new heights of absurdity, where they choose to punish those who succeed and reward failure with the greatest of generosity...simply another form of "inoculation" that ultimately leads to death of the soul, if not the body.

These pesky bacteriologists have theorized that, were 21st century man "time-machined" back a hundred years that we'd be dead within a week, so weakened is our current immune system.  I would agree with that and would be willing to take that a step further; our ancestors worked twelve hours a day six days a week, ate bacon and eggs and butter and biscuits for breakfast, consumed cholesterol strewn meat by the kilo at every meal, and worked it all off by moon rise.  And if you didn't work you didn't eat!

Our current generation, a large contingent of which are fed from the government gravy train, could not have survived in an era where if you didn't work you didn't eat, nor could they have tolerated those hard ass 19th century Americans who yielded no ground nor accepted tears of our current crop of folks would have died, and died quickly.....with the cleanest corpses in the entire history of man.


Old Bob said...

Good stuff!
I can't disagree with any of it.

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