Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama Picks On Kids


You can always tell when the latest economic news is bad.  As soon as a morning headline trumpets more job losses Barack Obama takes off on a bus tour, hell bent on demonizing Republicans who refuse to let him spend another trillion dollars on bankrupt solar companies.

But it's not just that Obama is on the road with still another speaking's "where" Obama goes.  He always heads out to college campuses.  Did you ever wonder why?  It's very simple.  College kids are still young and impressionable, haven't had to face the task of meeting a payroll or even paying taxes.  You may have noticed that Obama never wanders into "blue collar land".  He'll speak to high school and college students and carefully scrubbed liberal audiences...but he dare not venture where people are actually working for a living and paying taxes and those enormous Obamacare premiums!  

And being a "man-child" himself, having never held a real job, Obama likes to hang around children who he can mesmerize with his professorial manner.  And like Michael Jackson, Obama is a child molester, leading them to believe that big government is the answer for all the world's ills, that one can have something for nothing if only the wealthy would pay more.

On this particular tour, this week, Obama is attacking the high costs of college tuition.  When I read that I had to laugh.  Obama attacking the price of tuition is like mom and pop giving you the money for a gallon of ice cream, then complaining when you get sick from eating it.   The federal government has thrown trillions of dollars into the Student Loan program and does damn little to audit the results.  Fraud, waste and abuse is rampant in the Student Loan program and the trillions involved have fueled the explosive rise in college tuition.

And since Obama doesn't have a clue about the basics of economics he has the audacity to go out and attempt to jaw-bone down the price of a college degree.  Obama was once a pusher and purveyor of drugs and, as President, he has been a pusher and purveyor of wasteful student loan payouts that economists now say is our next national financial crisis...a trillion dollars in student loan debt that can't be paid....cause Obama can't create the jobs those same students need to have to pay it back!

Last week one of those statistics bureaus announced that 30 percent of college graduates have moved back home to live with Mom and Dad.  They can't find a job and their average student loan debt is $80,000!

None of that affects Barack Obama as he strolls into one college auditorium after another, fires up the teleprompter and begins demonizing those who demand fiscal sanity.  And those poor kids, having never worked or paid taxes, fall for "the anointed one's" golden words without dissent.

Just as a child molester gets turned on about little kids, Obama strokes his ego with lies and distortion.  Mr. President, quit picking on our kids!

Sad.  Damned sad.

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