Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here's Some Wealth I'd "Re-Distribute"



Some of our most liberal politicians are also some of the wealthiest Americans.  I would ask the liberals and Wall Street Occupiers this:  If the very champions of your ideology, redistributing the wealth, are also some of the most wealthy, why are you not demanding they put their money where their mouths are?  Why do they insist on bleeding the working taxpayer who, depending where they live, are not getting wealthy on $200,000!  How is it that your liberal champions chant the mantra of taxing the rich, but their own wealth never diminishes and they are always able to avoid the tax burden that we working stiffs face?

Liberals; your King is Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City.  His $7 billion dollars in wealth makes Mitt Romney and his $200 million look like a pauper.   Have not heard a single liberal ask to see Bloomberg's tax returns or why he can't give some of the wealth away to the "poor".

Next is your prince, long time Massachusetts Senator and 2004 liberal darling Presidential candidate, John Kerry.  Kerry married the widow of the Heinz food magnate and enriched himself to the tune of $3 billion dollars.  Not only will Kerry not reduce the price of your pickles and relish and ketchup to help see you through the hard times, but he ain't given up any of his fortune to you liberal "poor".

How about the Kennedy Family Trust?  Firm estimates are not available but financial folks say the trust is valued well over a billion dollars.  If Teddy was so concerned about American poverty why didn't he leave a few hundred million to you when he passed?

The Queen of Liberals is Nancy Pelosi.  She weeps for the poor, embraces illegal immigration and rants daily about rich hard-hearted Republicans.  Know what she's worth?  $58,000,000 dollars.  Yeah, $58 million big ones...and you ain't getting a dime of it!  Part of her fortune was gained as a member of Congress.  Last year she was nailed for insider trading based on her knowledge of upcoming legislation and two years ago she and her husband Paul, the investment banker (yeah, Wall Street!), invested millions in a company called Clean Energy Corporation, just before Pelsoi led the House in voting generous government tax credits to that company!  On Thursday, Pelosi crucified Romney for not releasing his tax returns but when asked if she would show hers, she refused!  Good old Nancy:  "Let Them Eat Cake!"

How about Democratic Senator from California Diane Feinstein?  Yep, also married to a banker!  She and hubby are one of the wealthiest families in the Golden State and she ain't given it away either!

Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, made his millions through a secret real estate deal with one of his casino buddies and local Las Vegas real estate magnate.  Reid, in exchange for favorable legislation in the Senate was given a slice of a huge real estate deal which netted Harry millions!  He's still got it!

Bill and Hillary Clinton are worth more than a $100,000,000 dollars!  They at least gained their wealth semi-legally through books sales and speaking fees.  And they still have their $100,000,000!  Didn't give it away to the "poor" they ask to adore them!

Far down the list is Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  She's been in Congress forever and maintains her office by decrying the rich Republicans who keep her welfare electorate down.  Also married to a banker, Waters made a desperate effort to reach the lofty heights of wealth that Nancy and Diane enjoy.  To do so, she tried to put pressure on TARP officials to loan her banker hubby billions of dollars.  She got busted and, after an investigation by the House Ethics Committee was censured for her actions...but not thrown out!

Ahh!  How about another champion of the lost and displaced Black welfare weenies, Congressman Charlie Rangel!  The IRS busted him for hiding over $10 million dollars in taxable income through a Bahama real estate shell game (yeah, old Charlie had foreign bank accounts!)  Charlie faced a House Ethics investigation and received a severe slap on the hand.  No matter, Rangel's Harlem Welfare Queens have re-elected him twice now since the scandal became public!

And my heart bleeds for the poor, but Reverend Al Sharpton.  Good old Al tried to pass his income through his faux church and got busted by the IRS also.  He pleads poverty and still owes millions in back taxes and fines to the IRS.

Even your fearless leader, the Anointed One, became an instant multi-millionaire by writing a couple of works of adoration fiction...and he's still got that money!

Liberals!  Are you really that frickin stupid?  What kind of Kool-Aid must one drink to swallow the bull crap that your liberal champions hand you?  Are you so dumb that you can't figure out that these people are just using you to gain and maintain power?  Can your vote be bought for a small welfare check and chocolate covered lies?


Ken said...

That's all it takes, a welfare check and an I hate republicans diatribe. Your in and for multiple terms.
Diane Feinstein makes me puke. Through her place on the various security panels her husband have made several millions on defense investments that she directly influenced passing the legislation that made them successful. They made millions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then went on to make more millions when they broke the law in the foreclosure industry. Where is Dianne. She is sitting on the committees passing the rules that her husband needs to make his huge profits on the misery of the many.
These were well publicized and nothing was done. Now she is running again with over twenty candidates running against her and it is said she isn't even campaigning. No republican money is spent to unseat her. This is just one, every one of the politicians you mention have similar stories. I am really at a loss.
It's like I said yesterday when emulating you, weird, damn weird.
Thanks again

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks, Ken, my loyal daily reader. If you haven't signed up by email for my blog, please think about doing it. I don't have nearly enough daily readers so am thinking about ending my blog come November if my readership doesn't get any larger. I really need folks who appreciate the blog to forward it to ten other people who might be supportive of our opinions about America's direction.

Thanks, again.

TheRandyGuy said...

Unfortunately, there is a double standard that we tolerate. Instead of being held to not just the highest standards, but even a mediocre one, the politicians don't bother. Why? They do not fear the voters. Reelection rates are over 90%. Why care what the little guy thinks. I live in CA where liberalism reigns supreme. Boxer, Feinstein, and Pelosi will die in office if they choose. Republican opposition is token because this state is lost. Ronald Reagan was a long time ago.

JustCommonSense said...

You nailed it Randy! And, when only 50% of eligible voters actually vote it really all comes own to "designer politics" with each interest faction voting for their guy.

If I could accomplish one thing with this blog it would be to get people out to vote.


Anonymous said...

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