Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Obama Won't Say At The Lincoln Memorial


Today Barack Obama will limo over to the Lincoln Memorial to deliver a speech in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.  In his speech Obama will reluctantly admit that progress has been made since that speech, then he'll begin hammering "The Great Whitey" for not giving out more "federal gravy" for welfare, food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing, and more preferential quotas for education and employment.  He will bemoan "Whitey's" sin of a 30% Black employment rate, and, totally ignoring a month long rash of Blacks beating Whites to death across our nation, he'll shame Whites for clicking door locks when Black hoodies cross the street.

Here's some of the things you won't hear Obama say in his speech:

1) Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves, and Martin Luther King were Republicans

2)  Before the Democrats' Great Society Programs, when Martin Luther King still lived, Black unemployment rates were the same as Whites because the government still expected Blacks to work for a living and didn't subsidize a "gangsta" lifestyle and three generations of Black "victimhood".

3)  Before the Great Society Programs there was no reward for reckless breeding, no "bonus" for birthing welfare babies,  two parent Black families stood at 75%, the same as White families.  Now, in an era when Uncle Sugar has agreed to be "daddy" and provide over $4,000 dollars a month in federal and state aid, only 25% of Blacks have a father in the home.

4)  Obama will mourn the deceased thugster Trayvon Martin but will not mention the 9 month old White baby gunned down in her stroller by Black thugs, nor the Black thugs in Oklahoma who gunned down 19 year old Chris Lane, nor the 99 year old beaten to death by a Black thug, nor the two Black thugs who beat to death 89 year old Delbert Belton in Spokane, Washington.

5)  While Martin Luther King, a Christian minister, spoke of the value of family and Christian values, Obama will not mention that King would have abhorred the government's championing of "alternative lifestyles", abortion on demand, and forcing churches to fund the murdering of the unborn.  No one at the Memorial today will say the MLK would be marching in Washington in opposition to the government's assault on religious organizations.

6)  Obama will not mention that Martin Luther King, who promoted peace above all else, would be delivering a fire and brimstone lecture to his Black brethren who have committed rape, robbery and tens of thousands of murders since he last walked the earth.  

7) Barack Obama, being a cocaine user and purveyor himself will not mention that MLK would be shocked to learn that our President and millions of Blacks have profited by making a highly profitable market of food stamps for drugs in all of Americas Black ghettos.

8) Finally, Obama will not mention that Dr. King would be furious that, now given access to public education, including tens of thousands of charter schools, that Blacks can't read or write at the fifth grade level when they finish high school and that more than 50% of all Blacks drop out of school before graduating, because robber and drug pushing is more profitable.

If Reverend King were alive today, he would damn sure chase Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton...and yes, Barack Obama out of the temple, turning tables over along the way.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

It baffles me that 'true believers' in liberalism are blind to this cause and effect after some 60 years of evidence. It doesn't baffle me that the sinister, cynical power hungry elite know exactly what's happening and why. Somebody needs to stand up and speak the truth, over and over, until the unwashed masses finally understand it. Either that or refuse to allow the 'takers' to vote themselves money from our treasury.

Brian Clancy said...

Instruction by rote just may be what's required.

A Modest Scribler said...

I agree, anon. I used to think liberals were just people who hadn't thought things through. I now realize they know damn well their philosophy doesn;t work...but it keeps Blacks on the liberal plantation and keeps them in power.

As to preventing folks from "voting themselves benefits" that's getting to be a harder proposition as more and more folks jump on the gravy train and just say "to hell" with America.

Brian Clancy said...

All valid points, but alas does not promote victim hood or white guilt, therefore you shall be declared racist. Sorry that's just how it is.

A Modest Scribler said...

But's great politics! Where else can you elicit 94% support from one ethnic group by simply providing