Monday, August 26, 2013

Why Couldn't Washington Plant His Own Damned Cotton!


I've become so disgusted by Blacks wearing blinders on whenever their own do evil , while actually "inventing evil" to spur Whitey to kiss his ass more passionately and forgive the fact that they are a huge drag on American society.  For those Blacks who have discarded the decades long "Black whine" and got an education, work hard and are law abiding; I can't even give you a pass because you won't speak out against the millions of Blacks always looking for a government check and a free pass on living like a civilized person.  So, I've begun taking a quite cynical view about three hundred years of Black history.  So, here goes:

If 21st Century Americans are just a might pissed that our founding fathers imported all of those Africans to work their plantations you would certainly be justified.  Man!  Who ever thought of that idea ought to win idiot of the century award!  Hellfire, look at what the African slave trade has cost us over the last three centuries!  If we totaled up what America has spent on these people, and their ancestors, (who still refuse to integrate, calling themselves African-Americans) we could properly calculate that we paid those slaves something like $25,000 dollars an hour to pick our cotton!  Think that's far fetched?  Consider this:

In 1999 the New York Times calculated that President Johnson's Great Society Programs cost the taxpayer over $70 trillion dollars between 1965 and 1999.  And how much more have we spent since then?  And since Blacks, with only 12% of the population, command 43 percent of every welfare dollar, you can clearly see we've put out for Blacks well over $50 trillion dollars in welfare, medicaid, food stamps, Section 8 housing and educational grants since that fateful year of 1965.  

Then, after all that money spent..and wasted...we then have to incarcerate the 50% of all prisoners who just happen to be Black, at an average cost of $44,000 dollars per year!

Then, sadly, the bill is still not paid!  We have to pay for all the property damage Blacks commit, all the hospital bills for the victims of rape and armed robbery, not to mention the billions in retail losses brought on by Black thievery!

Unfortunately, the bill for this cheap 18th century labor will never be paid off.  The long line of ancestors, especially those born during the last thirty years, use slavery as their chief race card, even though they've been riding the great government gravy train for over four decades!  These present day Africans wouldn't know a cotton bough from a gravy bowl!  

So it is perfectly okay to be a little pissed at our founding fathers.  They really loused it up for us!  We can thank them for a huge annual tax bill and for the scores of Black ghettos where it is unsafe to walk the streets!

Some of you less schooled in history may not know that we also imported tens of thousands of white slaves!  They were called indentured servants.  Many of them worked far harder in America's industrial cities than those slow moving and plodding African cotton pickers in the South.  And not a damned one of the White races dragged along the moniker of Irish American, Latvian American, German American when given the chance to become a citizen.  They didn't carry on a two century long whine about something that happened six generations before they were born!  

Let's marked "PAID IN FULL" to this god-damned bill!  No more welfare, no more food stamps, no more $2500 per month Section 8 housing vouchers, no more preferential treatment for jobs and college scholarships.   Let's tell these modern day "Africans" to shit or get off the pot.  Get an education, get a job, stand on your own two feet, stop the whining  and get on with your own lives....America has paid that bill in full!



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