Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oprah, Unmasked


Have you ever seen any woman who benefits more from makeup than Oprah Winfrey?  And, occasionally, when Oprah's full court press aides experience a slip up, we sometimes see "the real Oprah behind the make-up and the kindly words for the White world that made her rich.

We saw the real Oprah unmasked twice this week.  The first was her statements last week compared the thug Treyvon Martin's murder with that of Emmit Till.  By trying to make the Treyvon Martin incident a civil rights issue, Oprah did what Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Barry did; ignore Martin's history of theft, assault and general thuggery and make him a martyr for Black victimhood.  And like her Sharpton and Jackson co-conspirators, she totally fails to mention, and condemn the plague of Black violence throughout this nation.

The second incident thankfully occurred in Switzerland.  It seems poor Oprah was offended, racially offended, because some oaf in a luxury goods store dared to tell her she couldn't afford a $38,000 purse.  She automatically assumed that the snub was because she was Black.  Not once did she consider that she may have been dressed down that morning, or more frightening, might not have been wearing her public mask, that two hour make-up session needed for Oprah to appear even remotely "not ugly".  

It seems to me the real "ugliness" of the purse incident was that Oprah, in buying her 207th $38,000 dollar purse she clearly displays the shallowness of her so called charitable spirit.  How many Blacks in the ghetto could receive personal tutoring had Oprah decided to donate her million dollar stash of luxury purses toward bettering the Black community.  Oprah gets far too much credit for her charitable ways than anyone I know.  How many of you have seen one of those "Oprah's Favorite Things" shows?  Oprah's audience gushes and cries every time Oprah rolls out the next favorite luxury item she collects...and she then takes credit for her audience receiving "one of each" as human greed rules the day on those shows.  Now try to remember, who's actually giving all those gifts out to audience members!...yeah, it's the company that makes the product, not Oprah!

Oprah is a multi-billionaire.  She got all that loot by pretending to be a good buddy to 150 million White women.  She owns hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate, in Santa Barbara, in Chicago and in the Bahamas.   She donates about one percent of her income to charity and is hailed as a heroine of good will.  I donate that same percent of my income and am just "joe schmoe" who no one remembers.

Like Obama, with his multi millions, and Beyonce with her hundreds of millions, Oprah with her billions talks a great game about helping Black America when, in truth, they are hanging with the richest folks on earth and could not give a whit about poverty stricken Blacks.  Like her makeup, which covers a natural born ugliness, Oprah's ugliness of soul is paid for by a great publicity department....even as she pretends to care for those in real need.

Lights...!!!! Makeup!!!!!!!!!! quickly!

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Seymore Butts said...

Since she owns property in Chicago maybe she will be the victim of black on black crime in the gun free zone.If sharpton and the rest keep the status quo,we won't even hear about it.