Saturday, August 3, 2013

"American Exceptionalism"

Good Morning Folks,

During President Obama's first year in office he toured the capitals of Europe and the Middle East and consistently gave essentially the same speech.  His message to the world's nations was that America is not "Exceptional".  Oh sure, he said it in an indirect way by saying, and I quote "America is exceptional but then so are all other countries".  He angered millions of Americans who have sacrificed both blood and treasure in giving aid and sustenance to the world's needy, many times when no one else would.

As a student of history I am well aware of America's failings.  I make no excuses for them.  The institution of slavery will forever be a dark mark on our history.   And it took a century after 7 million Americans died fighting each other before African Americans began to achieve an equality in our society.  In the 19th century America for a period of time justified westward expansion by formulating a policy of "Manifest Destiny", a rationalization that any territory conquered and developed would find its people better off under the umbrella of protection of the constitution. 

By the 1880's America had enough of war and conflict.  We viewed the constant bickering and conflict in Europe and Asia as an abomination and wished to steer a neutral course.  In doing so America husbanded the resources of her people and the natural resources God granted us to become the world's foremost economic power. 

Not until the very end of the first World War were we dragged, kicking and screaming, into a world conflict that required decisive action.  As soon as that nastiness ended America once again raised the curtain of neutrality and were sickened by the unfolding events that led us again into World War II; this time to deploy our forces across the globe to stop the tyrannical murder of 50 million people. 

What we did in those two wars was to essentially win the peace!  What have we done since?  We fought a cold war against the Soviets that resulted in the liberation of a dozen countries and a hundred million of the world's citizens!  Following WWII we didn't leave Europe to waddle in misery.  Is there anyone who remembers...or has studied history know that, for five post war years, we spent fully ten percent of our entire Gross National Product to rebuild Europe?    Does anyone remember what we did in post-war Japan?  After Japan viciously attacked us on December 7th, after Japan raped and murdered millions of Koreans, Chinese, Filipino's, Malaysians, Vietnamese and Americans, America spent tens of billions more to re-build Japan! 

After resurrecting the conquered nations of Europe and Japan what did we do?  Did we claim them in the name of victory?  Hell, no!  We went back home and left them to 60 years of post war prosperity!  For the last 75 years how many world-wide famines has America responded to with aid workers and hundreds of billions of dollars in food and medical and other assistance?

Now, I ask you President Obama!  Who else stepped up to the plate?  How many of those other "exceptional countries" that you refer to stepped up for the betterment of his fellow man?  Did you take a single history course during that Harvard legal education? 

Mr. President, when you punish our allies and reward our enemies, when you condemn the very businesses that turned our nation into an economic powerhouse, when you reward the sick, lame and lazy and punish the "producers", is it anyone wonder that you have angered a huge contingent of the American people?

But nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than when you demean the achievements of this nation by proclaiming "everyone's exceptional" and America is just like everyone else!  Your words and your actions give credence to the rapidly developing idea that you are indeed an "America hater". 


grenadavet said...

Amen brother!! Again, failed foreign and domestic policy.

Bud said...

Well Done!

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks so much, Bud. And thank you for loving America, and caring about her future.

Cindy said...

Well said! Sometimes we hear so much of the negative that we forget the positive. Thank you.