Monday, August 19, 2013

A Free Press; Here's My 1,532 Cents


Before Democratic Senator-Libtards Diane Feinstein and Dick Durbin retreated to their respective bankrupt states (California and Illinois) for the Congressional August recess they were working on a federal shield law.  The federal shield law, designed to protect Constitutional free press rights, was originally written to protect reporters from revealing their sources.   That's all to the good; with the current liberal mainstream media fawning over Obama and his Socialist pals it is more important than ever that the press be empowered to expose government lies and corruption.  

The problem is that Feinstein and Durbin want to limit freedom of the press to "real reporters".  As members of the current liberal elite "ruling class" they are far from enamored with the many bloggers who are breaking news stories or "spreading the word" on government overreach and corruption.  It seems that far too many bloggers these days are conservatives who are fomenting revolution and hailing the fall of "big government".  Both Feinstein and Durbin see these bloggers as a threat the seven year reign of liberal elites who propose to tell you what to eat and drink, how to live and how to think and accuse the "rebel's" of being racists and anarchists.  

These liberal brownshirt tactics are not new, folks.  It was just two years ago when Obama directed the Federal Communication Commission to find some way to shut down all those pesky conservative radio talk shows.  Liberals, having failed with their own liberal radio talk show efforts, felt threatened by Middle America's embracing conservative talk and rejecting the Al Frankens of this country.

So, getting back to Feinstein and Durbin and their versions of the federal shield law.  When asked how our "masters" would decide whose a journalist and whose not, both offered that it would be folks who were getting paid for their printed efforts.  

WHEW!  I guess I'm safe because, in the 30 month existence of my blog, I've earned $15.32 cents (or 1,532 cents) through my ad commissions.  That sum paid for a 3-pound can of Kirkland coffee at Costco and fueled my caffeine habit while writing this blog.

If any of you choose to question the value of bloggers I would only offer this to you:  How many of you were aware that the "ruling elite" like Feinstein and Durbin were working diligently to quash the free exchange of information in this country?   How many of you were aware that your elected officials were working hard to determine who shall be favored to write about our national issues?  My blog gets a few hundred readers a day, tiny by the standards of The Daily Caller or The Daily Beast...but large if I have informed even half a dozen of our citizens of government efforts to control what you hear and read.  And I believe there are thousands of other bloggers who won't be silenced by government elites telling us just who the "press" is.

I don't drink any of those fancy six dollar cups of Starbucks coffee.  The Kirkland coffee paid for by my readers is reward enough.  I feel like I've earned my 1,532 cents.

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