Sunday, August 25, 2013

Delbert Belton Died For Your Sins


This week tens of thousands of Blacks will hold a "whine-in" on the capitol mall.  They'll be using Martin Luther King (Of the Republican Party) as an excuse to tromp around Washington and cry that the great Whitey is just not giving them enough.  These Blacks, unlike working Blue Collar America, have the time on their hands to stage these "cry-ins" because most of them don't hold a job, and, armed with a welfare check and food stamps they'll show up in droves demanding more employment and educational preference quotas, more food stamp and welfare money, and an accelerated prison release of their thug fathers and sons.   They'll insist that five rounds of probation are simply not enough before their thug sons are sent to prison for rape, assault and armed robbery.  They'll carry signs with pictures of Thugster Icon Trayvon Martin.  

There will be plenty of collective white guilt driven white liberals who are on hand, tongues extended to be inserted in food stamp padded Black anus in order to show solidarity with three generations of government tit-suckers.

Tax cheats Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton will be at the podium preaching white hate and Jew hating Jessie Jackson will be there too. 

And as these Ebony Black cry babies wander around the capitol mall, leaving food stamp purchased fast food bags and slurpee cups in their wake, more and more of White America will write this mob off as just what it is; a gathering of loud mouth, vulgar Blacks demanding more Obama provided free cell phones and blaming Whitey that little Hassan or Cassandra can't read or write.  

White America this week will be turning a kinder eye to a young 19 year old college student named Chris Lane who, while out jogging, was gunned down by a passel of Black thugs who attributed their murderous rampage on "being bored".   White America will be mourning the 9 month old baby down in Atlanta, gunned down in her stroller when Black thugs were angered that the White mother had no money to give them.  

White America will be mourning 89 year old World War II vet Delbert Belton who was waiting in his car up in Washington state for his friend to arrive, so that they might share a beer and a game of pool.  His life ended on a late summer night last week when two Black thugs beat him to death, just for laughs.

Delbert Belton died for your sins, America; the sin of coddling three generations of Blacks by allowing them to pull the race card every time you came up short in feeding, medicating, educating and incarcerating them, all on the public dole.  

Barack Obama carries more than his share of that sin, as he plays the race card to win voter support and always takes the coward's way out whenever a Black begins screaming and whining.  

So this week Blacks will be taking the name of Martin Luther King in vain, as they cry for a justice they don't deserve, as they demand more government booty and even greater coddling.  

Alas, America is finally waking up to the slimy Black game and are turning their eyes and ears away from these "Black group whines".  Instead, we are angered beyond belief at the plague of Black violence as we mourn the White innocents guilty only of being in the presence of Black thugs.  Rather than buying into the Black victim hood, Americans are beginning to arm themselves, readying themselves for a second Civil War which Blacks seem to want.  

Blacks:  Be careful what you ask for.  America is patient and forgiving....but there is a time when we've seen and heard enough...and we've seen more than enough of Black violence and the phony Black victim hood.


Brian Clancy said...

Well, if you read the articles everyone says none of those aforementioned crimes were racially motivated. To which I say BULLSHIT! These thugs didn't pick other black people, did they? No they chose vulnerable and unsuspecting white people, a 9 month old baby, a elderly man and then the one who may have posed the biggest physical threat was shot in the back. These cretins should all be executed in the name of justice for the victims and their surviving families.

A Modest Scribler said...

I agree Brian...and the even bigger crime is that Blacks simply overlook this violence and deny the rot that exists within their communities.

Thanks for commenting.