Friday, September 30, 2011

"Red Sox Fans; Sometimes S*it Happens"

Okay, I know alot of Red Sox fans are morose.  When all the trades and signings were over with last spring the Sox looked like a "sure thing".  But, as in everything in life, fate has a way of turning "sure things" into something entirely different.

This Sox fan out  here in Arizona is reading all kinds of fans mutterings, to include the idea of showing Francona the door.  I disagree.  If one is forced to lay fault at anyone's door I would blame your general manager for some questionable deals.  First and foremost was the signing of Carl Crawford for a king's ransom.  Even before the season started I was dumbfounded that the Sox would offer a thirty year old outfielder with legs beaten down from years of desperation and artificial grass a $130 million dollar contract.  That was followed up by the move to bring in Beddard, who has not exactly been lights out for the last few years. 

The Sox have seemed to always have deep enough pockets to afford mistakes such as the Lackey signing and, God forbid, J.D. Drew, who has never displayed the fire and grit of a gamer, when he does play, between bid pockets of Injured Reserve periods, he is mediocre at best. 

Those fans who say Francona should be fired ought to consider what he did with the Sox last year, despite all the injuries.  I thought he should have been Manager of The Year for making the best of what he had to put on the field. 

I also don't think there's a damn thing wrong with clubhouse leadership.  I just read a comment that more of the players need to have Pedroia's spunk.  I disagree there too; I think David Ortiz loves the Red Sox deeply and he had a heck of a comeback year.  Being an old Padre fan too, I also know Adrian Gonzales is a quiet leader, who leads not by rah-rah, but with the willingness to get out there and play every day and help any of his teammates with anything.  Nobody wanted that save more than your great reliever last night.  You could see it in his eyes.  Other than Crawford, who seems to look like a deer in the headlights, your team had their thing together.  The Sox played with great enthusiasm and fire and I'm proud of a team just loaded with alot of guys with heart. 

So, Sox fans, just face it:  Sometimes "Shit Just Happens".  Look at those improbable Tampa Rays comebacks.  Look at how every decision Madden made seemed to click.  It seemed that, in September, the ball just didn't bounce the Sox way.  Get over it.  Be proud of your team... they're going to win some more championships..and for god's sake, sign a couple of pitchers over the winter!

Sox Nation!

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