Tuesday, September 20, 2011


If I were to concentrate on one subject when writing my blog I suspect I could gather a larger readership.  My page view stats indicate I get many more readers when I write about illegal immigration.  The second most popular are those blogs that discuss conservative ideas such as those supported by Tea Party Patriots.  Once in awhile I will score big with a humorous blog entry. 

Instead of concentrating on one subject I prefer to write about what moves me and inspires me at the moment.  I'm extremely dedicated to promoting citizen awareness of national issues but sometimes I have to get away from the frustration that politics entails.  Sometimes I am so endeared by a gesture of a family member I have to write about it.  Sometimes I chronicle my admiration for a public figure.  And sometimes I just feel like writing what's in my heart at the moment.

So, my blog is a potpourri of that which is me.  I'm sure that not all of my blogs are of interest to everyone but if it touches just one reader for that day I find it's worth it.  

I also think often in the abstract so that sometimes trivial things I observe often lead me to thinking of larger concerns.  My blog entitled "God and Trees and Me" was really just inspired one morning as I took my morning coffee out on the patio and marvelled at the disparity of my backyard trees.  It led surprisingly to the larger question of our life destinies. 

Often I am visited by the warm memories of loved ones who have passed.  When I am blessed by the closeness of those visits I write of those experiences as well and can see and feel that loved one, come back to me for joyous reunion.  The very timber of voice sings in my soul and I simply have to share it with you.

So, I guess I'll fore go the big "page view day" in favor of a potpourri blog that reflects what's in my heart at the moment.  Like Potpourri itself,  it fills my life with color and the sweet scents of once vital blossoms that continue to give pleasure long after their life is over.  If we could all leave such sweet remembrance long after we are gone, is that not something to aspire to?


Crystal said...

I love that you have a potpourri of topics on this blog. It keeps things interesting. :)

JustCommonSense said...

What a wise and lovely person you must be! (tee! hee!) Thank you! :)