Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Will Arizona Be Ruled By California Transplants?"

Good morning America,

Last night while surfing the net I came across some information about Arizona demographics.  The article cited that, in addition to explosive invasion of illegal residents during the past decade, Arizona was picking up residents, and businesses who were and are fleeing the state of California.   Citing  California's  exploding tax costs, the rapid increase in crime rates and the ever-rising cost of doing business, folks and firms are voting with their feet it seems.

This information was not surprising.  I moved to Arizona from San Diego for the same reasons.  My once quiet and stately neighborhood had, within a two-year span, been overrun by new residents who loved to blare their mariachi music well after midnight and house two or three families in a single home.  Multiple "low-rider" cars parked on the front lawn became the norm and crime and graffiti marred what was once a beautiful neighborhood.

Further compounding the pain of living there was the soaring taxpayer costs associated with the need to build and expand our public schools to accommodate the Supreme Court's mandate to feed and educate all children, legal or not.

So, I now reside in Arizona where the folks are still fighting for the sovereignty of our borders and where we believe the less government interference in our lives and in our businesses the better.

However, we are now seeing a troubling trend.  One can detect in our "Letters To The Editor" and in local political action groups an increasingly active and growing liberal faction who are advocating for Arizona to become more open and accepting of more generous social programs, more tolerant of state budget over-runs and more agreeable to higher property, sales and income taxes to support these social programs.

Thankfully, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime has clearly demonstrated the disastrous effects of socialism and the electorate overwhelmingly elected clear conservative majorities to our statehouse.  However, when one tunes in to the local legislative coverage, we see long drawn out legislative sessions where one can hear the whines of the small pocket of liberal democrats.  We have one particularly vocal state senator, trained in liberal law principles at Berkley and has dedicated her political career to transforming Arizona into the California legislative model.

Arizona is safely in the hands of conservatives for the moment.  However, I fear, as more Californians flee that state for Arizona, that we will see them bring their liberal and free-spending political views, and their ready acceptance of an illegal invasion, with them.  Should that happen we can assuredly say goodbye to a state lifestyle that values independent spirit and personal freedoms.



Anonymous said...

I am a quasi-liberal myself. I feel that open borders are about worthless and the illegals who are here are just that illegal. We need border protection for many reasons. Although, I do believe we need social wealfare safety nets (for if we didn't have these safety nets the U.S. would be in much more trouble now than we could even imagine). We also need regulation to buisnesses, because buisness never know how to regulate themselves (take for instance the many bubbles and insider trading and credit default swaps and the list can go on (and thats only financial))

JustCommonSense said...

You don't sound liberal at all; you sound conservative. Conservatives believe in controlling the border as you do, conservatives believe in a safety net for those who are "truly needy" (this is where libs and conservatives split; libs won't admit the huge fraud, waste and abuse in the system. And yes, business needs to be regulated but not demonized and not strangled to death.) Thanks for your comments.