Thursday, September 22, 2011

Liberal Gannett's AZ Republic pimps for illegals

                   Immigration Cell; I know a few homeless Americans who would appreciate a clean bed

Well, the never-ending Arizona Republic campaign for Open Borders/Amnesty continues.  A host of news stories came out this week and, while blacks and whites were included in their crime stories, names and ethnicity continue to be withheld from their crime reports most often when hispanics are involved.

However, perhaps the most prominent in this liberal Gannett paper this week is the Arizona Republic's report that the Border Patrol are abusing illegals.  Those caught crossing the border and in custody pending an immigration hearing are complaining that the BP is making them walk barefoot in the desert (I didn't know we were required to provide them shoes upon capture!), that their food while in custody does not meet their standards and that their medical care is not up to snuff. 

The illegals further complain that the Border Patrol agents are not nice to them nor are the jail guards who watch over them.  The illegals claim that they are not receiving professional and courteous treatment and are asking for a full investigation. 

I guess I just have to ask, though I know the answer in advance:  what kind of treatment would an American receive in a Mexican jail?  I find it hard to comprehend how these illegal border crossers developed such a high standard of incarceration.

Perhaps these illegal criminals would feel better if they were shown a film of what Mexican Immigration efforts do to those Guatemalans and Central Americans who cross Mexico's southern border. 

I guess the height of hypocrisy is that these illegal border crosses are repeat offenders; Obama and his Attorney General has already issued a "catch and release"  for those illegals who's names do not appear in Immigration records as repeat offenders.

So, these repeat offenders are complaining of poor medical treatment and poor quality chow.  Perhaps these complaints will cause Obama to come down to the border to investigate the complaints of his future "voter constituency".  That seems to be the only way we can get The Anointed One to visit our border.

Post Script:  Here's the daily sample of how Arizona Republic censors the news.  Note the Republic won't report that a massive shoplifting ring that ripped off millions were all hispanics.  The Republic wouldn't even print their names.  The second link is our local TV station's news report that reports that these criminals were indeed all hispanic.  The Arizona Republic is despicable in censoring news and hiding behind the constitution:

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Anonymous said...

Phuck gannett, anyone who has seen border wars on the sell out natgeo channel knows that bp are extremely nice to this roaches.