Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Stealing From YOUR Bank Account"

The other day I visited the home page of the Congressional Budget Office as well as the office of the Federal Reserve.  I posted and related that, in addition to the current $15 trillion dollar deficit, the Obama administration is committed to additional deficit spending of $8 trillion more to provide Obamacare to those who are unable or unwilling to buy medical insurance for themselves.

When I use the term "unwilling" to pay I am referring to families who own several IPODs, IPADs, large screen televisions, video game machines and a late model automobile.  I'll challenge you to find even five percent of folks who are on some sort of government assistance who does not own these luxury goods.  This gaming of the fed's so called "social support network" is at the heart of the problem.

I also related that, far more scary, is the CBO statement that the government has $78 trillion in "unfunded liabilities".  This, quite simply, is the money we paid out of our payroll checks, to pay for our future social security and medicare needs.  Twenty years ago the feds swept this money into the general fund to pay for whatever whimsical program the President and Congress deemed politically popular.  Now the bill has become due.

Basically, when SS and Medicare funds were taken from "lock-down" accounts and put the trust fund money into the general fund, they were stealing your money as surely as if they had gone into your checking account and robbed you of your money.

So what did the feds do with your Social Security and Medicare payments that was taken from your check since you were of working age?  Well....first they decided that Social Security and Medicare should be expanded to cover, not just old folks, but anyone who claimed disability, any green card immigrant who, despite not having paid into the fund, needed financial support so they started the SSI program that currently pays non-paying immigrants more than many citizens receive in social security payments!

Then the feds decided that Medicaid would be great!  Give free health and dental care to anyone below a certain income level (yes, this comes out of YOUR Medicare fund.)  Now, and only now when money is getting tight, the feds have found several hundred million dollars in Medicare fraud!  They have found folks getting paid in cash so they can get free Medicaid benefits.  They have found folks hiding ownership of several expensive homes and still drawing free benefits.  Hell, just a few months ago they found the Russian Mafia operating, with some shady doctors, billing medicare for $500,000,000 dollars by filing false claims!

So what has been the government's response to the massive debt burden that SS and Medicare has imposed our budget?  Yes, you guessed it!  Raise the retirement age for those who paid into the system for a lifetime.  Cut medical care for the old folks who paid hundreds of thousands in SS payments since they were 16 years old!

Have you seen ANYONE talk about routing out the tens of millions of "blood suckers" who have gamed our social security and medicare programs for years?  Nope...the federal government can only impose rules and laws on folks who obey the law.  The gamers are free to continue to suck on the public tit because the government bureaucracy simply cannot ferret out and end the fraud and abuse.

So how do you think Obamacare is going to work?  Sounds like we're getting ready to write another blank check to the gamers.  Hell, we may not have to write the check at all since the feds will soon just access your bank account and take what they want.


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