Monday, September 12, 2011

The IRS Mugs You Every April 15th!

Imagine this scenario:  Your are walking down a city street and are suddenly accosted by a street thug who rips your wallet from you and takes all of your hard earned money.  You see a policeman nearby and hail him down for help.  Upon arriving at the scene you explain that this worthless thug just stole your money.  The Policeman sides with the robber and tells you to "move on".    You move on, since the police are the voice of authority....but you vow you'll take this matter to court.  You take your case to court and the judge sides with the thief and dismisses your case as "frivolous". 

Does this scenario sound realistic to you?  Why not?  It happens every April 15th!  The IRS, with the full backing of the U.S. government and the U.S. court system, takes your hard earned money, then gives it to their favored constituents!  In giving away your money the government rarely questions whether your taxes are going to those who, perhaps, don't deserve it.  Just yesterday, had you paid any attention to the news, you would have learned that your IRS gave $4.2 billion last year to illegal aliens through the granting of child tax credits.  An illegal family with four children gets over $4,000 dollars of your hard earned money, simply because the government is too lazy to stop it...besides, it's not their money so they don't care how it's managed.

Yesterday was a big news day!  It was also reported that $192 million of your tax money went to a single foreign cabal that gamed the medicaid system by that amount through fraudulent claims.  Since it's not the government's money, they didn't check very carefully before they paid out your tax money to the Russian mafia. 

Also, yesterday, news agencies reported that the FBI was investigating a California solar company, Solyendra, that received $535 million dollars from President Obama to promote his "green energy" program in 2009, then declared bankruptcy.  The company has no explanation as to where your tax money went and you're not going to get any  of your tax money back.  But the feds won't try too hard...after all it's not "their money".

But, let's look at the real killer.  Let's look at the three generations of Great Society "victims" that have been on the welfare, medicaid, food stamp and Section 8 housing dole for three generations!  The costs are staggering as each "victim" chooses to breed five or six children before they are 20...and reap the full rewards of your tax charity for their irresponsible actions.  It's not coming out of Obama's pocket, or Pelosi's is coming out of your pocket! 

And guess what?  Until you wake up and start electing leaders who'll keep a closer watch on "your money" you're going to continue getting mugged!


Anonymous said...

Too bad all but Ron paul dont give a shit. I would vote for him but I dont see winning against the Dem.

grenadavet said...

Time for a tax revolt.

JustCommonSense said...

We have one grenadavet...they're called the Tea Party and the big spenders call them terrorists.