Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"The Last Time The Dems Took The Blame"

I have what I think is a fair question for all of you, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent.  Can anyone please tell me the last time a Democrat stood up and took the blame for anything they have ever done?

Now,after the Republicans got hammered in the 2008 elections they finally got the message; America was tired of wasteful and costly war and was tired of excessive government spending.  After their losses, the Republicans finally began to look at wasteful spending, committed the entire Republican block in Congress to end earmarks, publicly apologized for failing to live up to conservative principles and vowed to be more responsible.
I'm sure there has been a time, but I honestly can't remember any Democrat who stood up and fessed "I was wrong...I shouldn't have voted for this or that.  As a student of history I've been thinking on this for some time now.  I have to go back to 1961, when John Kennedy stood up at a press conference and said "I really made a mistake in supporting the Bay of Pigs Invasion".  This year marks the 50 year anniversary of that mess!  Has it really been fifty years since a Democrat stood up and took responsibility for their actions?

I'm serious!  Let's look at the developments just in the last decade:

1)  The Democrats in Congress received the same intelligence briefing on Sadaam and Weapons of Mass Destruction that Bush heard.  The same briefing!  Democrats then voted overwhelmingly for the invasion of Iraq!  Yet, four years later you would be hard pressed to find any Democrat that would admit that they supported the Iraqi Invasion! (It should be noted that I opposed it.  My ten years living and working in the Middle East convinced me that you can't democratize a Muslim society).  The Democrats, having no sense of principle or obligation, managed to shuffle off all the blame onto Bush!

2) The Financial Crisis:  Isn't it ironic that the Democrats have been able to blame Bush for the entire financial crisis of 08?  Hell, Obama reminds us every day that "Bush" handed him a mess!   What you don't hear is that from 2005, right up to the crisis, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress!  Isn't it also ironic that two Democrats were in charge of the biggest culprit Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?  Yes, Democratic Senator Dodd oversaw Fannie and Freddie from the Senate and Democratic Congressman Barney Frank was overseeing Fannie and Freddie from the House.  Isn't it also interesting that both Dodd and Frank received below market interest rates from the very industry they were responsible for regulating?  You are never reminded of that in the Main Stream Media!

Isn't it also interesting that all of the banks who received federal loans have all paid the government back, with interest?...yet Freddie and Fannie are draining the treasury by the tens of billions of dollars each year through loan losses, are in hock to the taxpayer for a trillion dollars, have never paid a cent of it back...yet, have never been investigated or had regulation reforms placed upon them?  Why?  Because the Dems, who were in charge of Fannie and Freddie would be made to look bad if the nasty details were ever revealed by investigation!

Yet, the Democrats continue to hammer "the banks"...and never utter a word about the fraud, waste and abuse of Freddie and Fannie.

The Democrats will still not admit that their trillion dollar stimulous program was a huge waste of taxpayer money and did nothing to end the recession.  Instead, they just say "oh well, we made it better, anyway".  Better?  Things have only gotten worse.  The last time I looked into that stimulous program it cost the government $400,000 dollars for each job created!  Total failure!  Yet, no Dem has ever admitted that failure.

Along those same lines, do you know which bill was passed in 1998 that ended the Glass Seagull regulations which prohibited large money center banks from trading in mortgage back securities? (and would have prevented the mortgage meltdown)  You guessed it!  A Democrat...none other than President Bill Clinton! 

And do you know who forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into issuing mortgages to non-qualified minority home buyers?  President Bill Clinton and Dodd and Frank!  When Bush called for reforms of Freddie and Fannie in 2006 the Democrats Dodd and Frank refused!

3) As we sink into the morass of massive federal debt, do you hear the Democrats calling for reform of the extremely fraudulent welfare and medicaid programs?  No!  The Democrats refused to admit that 80 percent of the deficit is attributable to the entitlement programs that keep liberals in office!

4) As we are invaded by 30 million illegal aliens and spend $330 billion per year feeding, educating and medicating them, what is the Dems response?  "Let them come", they say!  Obama has now taken the lead on this by granting shadow amnesty; refusing to arrest and deport them....all for the fear that he will alienate his Hispanic voting base!

5)  Do I even have to mention Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society Programs?  Even the ultra liberal New York Times reported that all of the Great Society Programs have cost us more than $80 trillion dollars...and has only resulted in more slums and bred three generations of the "victim class" that has been on the government tit for 46 years.

Okay...I'm open minded.  I invite any of you Democratic readers to provide me a single instance where the Democrats have stood up and said "God, did we ever blow that one!"

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Anonymous said...

""God, did we ever blow that one!" "

as you know, it ain't gonna happen. they're too busy blaming everybody else for the mess they've caused.