Friday, September 2, 2011

"Is California Sodom and Gomorrah..Or Just Wacky?"

If our modern world has a Gomorrah it is surely California.  In a nation of rapidly declining moral values, California is once again leading the way.  Whether it be the embracing of the illegal invasion, the championing of Gay Marriage, the rejection of any sort of financial discipline, California is Queen of the World.

Let's look at what the California Statehouse has accomplished since the Democrats assumed total control of the Statehouse,

Though California has still not come up with a solution for dealing with annual $25 billion dollar deficits, nor have they been able to stop the business exodus to Nevada, Arizona and Texas, the State Legislature has been quite busy this year:

1) They passed a law that forces employers to allow cross-dressers to report to work in full cross-dressing attire.  Any attempt by the employer to discriminate against cross-dressers, by law, will result in a state sponsored discrimination suit.

2) Last month the California legislature passed a bill that requires a complete re-write of California textbooks so that all gay and lesbians historical figures are included in our political and cultural history.

3) Two months ago the California legislature passed a bill which requires the use of fitted sheets in California hotels and motels.  This bill was passed to accommodate the hotel union workers who are key Democratic supporters.  It seems hotel maids have complained that they get back aches making beds with flat sheets.  Though the hotel and motel association testified that this requirement would add millions in additional costs due to their sheet press equipment not being able to handle fitted sheets, the law flew through the Dem controlled statehouse with flying colors.  Many hotel and motel owners have vowed to leave the state for more business friendly environs.

4) Just recently several California municipalities have passed laws that force Home Depot to provide rest areas for illegal day laborers.  These rest areas must include water fountains, restroom facilities and lunch tables for the illegals to eat their lunch.

5) Yesterday, California signed into law provisions that provide illegals quota preferences in state colleges, reduced tuition rates and state aid, all funded by California taxpayers.  The law essentially gives illegals lower tuition rates than legal residents.

Now the Democratic legislature has come up with California AB 889, a bill that requires mom and dad to provide their babysitter with union type benefits for the babysitter when they go out for dinner and a movie.  The bill requires the following:  1) pay a fair and adequate wage 2) Provide a day of paid vacation for each 30 hours worked 3) Provide a "substitute babysitter" for the "first babysitter" so that the "first babysitter" gets a rest break every two hours 4)Dad and Mom must also provide workers compensation for the babysitter.
Should any of these requirements be breached, Dad and Mom are subject to civil lawsuit and work site violations.  The bill has passed the Assembly (without a single Republican vote) and is flying through the Democrat-controlled Senate and is expected to be sent to Governor Moonbeam for signing in record time.

Folks, I can't make this stuff up.  Read for yourself:


grenadavet said...

Ready for The "Republico de California" Just?

JustCommonSense said...

Hi Grendavet; I left Calif. seven years ago; just couldn't take the madness anymore.

Anonymous said...

California is the infection of the US. Needs to be eradicated so it doesn't spread! It is the Sodom and Gomarrah of today!

JustCommonSense said...

Agreed, anon.

Kathy Parham said...

Get over it. It's a better world for a lot of people. Try Matthew 25:35, you stupid, fat ass Republican.

Anonymous said...

Just setting up the wellfare state. Giving everyone "a chance". Sure, big government will help you but at a hidden cost. Big governement=smaller liberties. But who cares about liberty anymore, give me my free stuff!

Daniel Robbins said...

Will God judge the righteous among the ungodly California /America will see the wrath of Yahweh