Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dems & Soaring Poverty Rates


It's ironic that liberal Democrats always attack the economic concept of "trickle down economics".  They attack the Republicans and Big Business, saying that when Republicans get the economy up the rich are the only ones who enjoy the prosperity.  Never mind that every historical economical statistic proves that a rising economy benefits all income groups. 

Isn't it also ironic that, with few exceptions, every time the Democrats get control of Congress the poverty rate soars.  So, it was no surprise when yesterday the government report soaring poverty rates in America.  The Democrats have been in charge of Congress since 2005 and their attack on American business has been unrelenting. 

Earth to Liberals:  It is business that creates jobs.  Attack and scare business and they'll naturally fold to the fetal position, stop investing and stop hiring and the economy collapses.  Result:  Rising poverty rates.

Of course, of equal concern is the massive invasion of 30 million illegals from a third world country are going to contribute to increased poverty rates.  It is well known that Mexican government policy has been to encourage illegal immigration to the U.S. of both their most poverty stricken citizens.  If America does not stop this invasion it will not be long before we too are a third world country.  It is also important to note that poverty rates will be artificially skewed since millions of illegals get paid in cash, thus can be artificially classified as having poverty level income, though they are driving a late model SUV, live in middle class homes and own their fair share of IPODS, large screen televisions and Sony gaming systems.

No one should be surprised at yesterday's reports on soaring poverty rates.  Nor should one be surprised that the Main Stream Media has failed to report on the real causes for these poverty rates.

The next time you hear the Dems hacking on "big business" and formulating government strangulation of open market business practices, don't be surprised if the "poverty rates" are rising to historical highs.

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