Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Illegal Aliens & The 'Stolen Car' Economic Index"

Yesterday CBS news released national crime statistics for the top 20 cities for stolen cars.  With only a couple of exceptions the cities that had the highest stolen car rates were those who have literally been overrun with illegal aliens.  Of course, California cities, who hang out "illegals welcome" signs,  dominated the list of plagued cities.  These same cities were noted in an earlier Forbes report which cited "America's most crime-toxic, overtaxed and dying cities.

My question is this:  how can the Open Borders/Pro-Illegal Alien folks explain away these statistics and continue to support granting still another amnesty for illegal aliens?  How can Hispanic citizens continue to cry out for Amnesty knowing these criminals continue to erode every quality of life standard measurable in the communities where they live?

For those who continue to tolerate the invasion, those who do nothing to stop it:  are you so afraid of being labeled a racist that you're willing to tolerate runaway robbery, burglary, rape and murder just to avoid being tagged as racist for opposing the invasion?  Are you not weary with paying sky-high home and auto insurance premiums because of the high crime rates in your area?  Are you not sick and tired of paying higher property taxes so the government can build more schools for illegal aliens?  Aren't you tired of seeing your own child crammed into 40 student classes because half of your school populatons are illegal aliens?  Aren't you tired of waiting in an Emergency Room for hours because illegals use the ER for routine medical care?  

Aren't you tired of picking up your morning newspaper and reading of an illegal alien committing "hit and run" after running over your neighbors?...even your children?  Aren't you tired of having your food banks emptied out by illegal aliens ransacking the place and robbing food donations that could have gone to your neighbors?  Aren't you tired of seeing your federal and state taxes going to pay welfare, WIC and Section 8 housing for illegal anchor babies?

One of the plagues noted in the Forbes report was the re-emergence of polio, whooping cough and other diseases, brought anew to America, when those diseases were pretty well wiped out thirty years ago...and are now threatening the very lives of your kids?

Aren't you tired of seeing old chairs, sofas and 5 quart plastic bottles of oil dumped on roadsides throughout your city?  Hey, that's what they do in Mexico, so they do it here!

Finally, aren't you tired of these same invaders marching throughout your state demanding to be made citizens? 

I recognize it is too late for California; they lost this war long ago when they allowed the massive invasion....but, for you folks just beginning to see the effects of the invasion, will you continue to sit back and allow your community to evolve into  "third world" status?


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Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration is ruining America, it will not get no better with any amnesty or legalization for those illegal aliens already here either!! America is doomed!