Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Arizona Republic Censorship Continues"

Well, the Arizona Republic Newspaper, owned lock, stock and barrel by the ultra-liberal Gannett Corporation is at it again; censoring crime news when hispanics are involved.

Read the Arizona Republic crime report on a Hispanic father who used a handgun to prevent other adults from stopping his two sons from beating up on another teen:


Note the Republic crime report won't mention the criminal by name because he's hispanic.  They assert they withheld the name because of the two youths involved in the fight.  However, the other daily paper listed the name as did all of the three major television networks, as shown in the following CBS link:


All the other media had no problem reporting a Hispanic wielding a hand gun against other adults who were trying to stop the beating.

This Gannett publication is one of the most dispicable in the nation as they editorialize daily in favor of legalizing the 30 million illegals who invaded our country.  For seven years now since they bought the paper they have actively witheld vital information from crime reports, only when Hispanics are involved.  They have tried mightily to cover up the fact that Hispanics committ 80 percent of our crime here.

The problem is not limited to Phoenix.  Gannett has always been ultra-liberal and they especiallly champion amnesty and open borders.  They use their ownership of hundreds of papers across the U.S. to advocate for amnesty and for the illegal invaders.  They will stop at nothing to win their arguement, to include censoring the news as well as community comment.

Gannett surrenders responsibility for objective reporting, then hides behind their "Freedom of the Press" rights whenever challenged.

Sad, Damn Sad.

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U.S. Hemp said...

The Media Mafia controls our communication of information and thus controls our democracy, our freedom and futures.